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Two classic television shows from the 1990’s are being rejuvenated with the former cast members in an attempt to revitalize these franchises and attract a nostalgic following. The first announcement made was regarding the popular sci-fi show The X Files which is being rejuvenated by Fox and will star he original cast members David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The series is being brought back for a six episode mini-series which is currently in development.

A second announcement I regarding the television series coach that stared Craig Nelson as a football coach. Nelson will return to the series and it will track him as he comes out of retirement to support his son who has gotten a job coaching a college football team eighteen years later. Brad Reifler knows that there has not been a mention regarding whether or not other supporting cast members from the original show will be joining the cast for the new series. The Peacock network has ordered a thirteen episode series for the first season and the extreme support for football will likely provide some lingering support for the show.

The new rejuvenated series of Coach will be written and produced by Barry Kemp who was also the developer of the original series. Craig Nelson will serve as an executive producer for the series as well as acting in it. There has not been a mention of when the series will air on television but it is also in production now.

Snoop Dogg is reportedly working on creating his own HBO show. Rather than a show about Snoopy, the rapper is instead working to developing a new drama about a family living in Los Angles during the early 80s. It’s a fictional show that will be written by Rodney Barnes, although Snoop’s own life, which started in LA during the same time period, will likely help shape the program’s narrative.

Snoop talked about the show for the first time during a keynote last week at the South by Southwest festival in Austin. When describing the program, he said that it was a dream come true for him, and that HBO was the right place for him to be able to tell the story, and was going to offer him the opportunity to develop and tell the story in the right way.

Currently the show doesn’t have a name, and my buddy Broda indicated that HBO hasn’t fully signed off on the project. We can’t wait to see what comes of it if and when they do decide to produce the show.

Revisiting the beloved Muppet world of ‘Fraggle Rock’ is one step closer to becoming a reality, after confirmation that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will produce and star in a big-screen reboot.

The ‘Fraggle Rock’ movie was originally picked up by Montecito Pictures, but the production company dropped the project. It was later picked up by New Regency.

Gordon-Levitt gushed to one reporter about his excitement over the project.

“Some of the first characters I loved were Jim Henson Muppet characters,” the ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ actor said. I’ve never stopped loving his work and I am excited to collaborate with Lisa Henson on this project.”

According to Dr Walden, ‘Fraggle Rock’ was a children’s television series that was launched in 1983. Like most Jim Henson productions, the series was based upon puppet characters. The Fraggles were creatures that dwelled in an underground cave society and sustained themselves on radishes. The colorful creatures were known for their musical productions and their curiosity, although they were not the only creatures living in their underground world.

Gordon-Levitt has proven to be a versatile actor, appearing in television series such as “Dark Shadows” and “Numb3rs.” He has starred in films such as “Angels in the Outfield,” “The Interview,” and “Inception.” The actor also operates a website, hitRECord, which he has coined as “an open, collaborative production company.”

Gianfrancesco Genoso announced that his favorite show will be released on June 12th.  “Orange is the New Black“. This popular Netflix based show has what every man and woman are looking for in a show. For the men, there is plenty of sexual encounters with women and they don’t skimp on the details. For women, there is the sisterhood that is formed from being with women of like beliefs. For everyone who is watching, there is the war that happens inside the prison walls that no one seems to really know about.

When Season 1 first came out, I was watching with many others. I couldn’t wait to check in and see the kitchen cook “Red” who was smuggling things like eye shadow into the establishment. I also like the storyline between Piper and Alex. While it was a dysfunctional relationship, many of them are these days. They have great chemistry on screen. I didn’t like the fact that Alex wasn’t in hardly any episodes of the second season. I didn’t like the “Vee” character that they introduced and made it all about race.

Season 3 looks to be promising, as Alex will be returned to jail for violating her parole. She was scared out of her mind and had a gun in her hand when the police busted in and found her. This was all a little scheme cooked up by ex-lover Piper. I for one am awaiting the new and improved season and looking for lots of drama in the Litchfield County Prison.

I find it absolutely fascinating, that I can sit at my PC, and still travel to a whole other country, and learn all about their culture. I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures, but my money does not permit me to travel the way I’d like. I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia, as well as China and the UK, but I couldn’t afford it. Who knew that just by joining a social media network like Skout, I’d be able to visit another country, right in the comfort of my own home, or by using one of my mobile devices.

Skout came up with a great concept, just a year and a half ago, and it involves virtually traveling to another country. The virtual travel feature allows me to look around and see pictures, sites, as well as learn things about the country, and meet new people. I have a very long friends list, and many of them are people that I’ve met, while virtually traveling. I’ve virtually traveled to 20 places so far, and it only costs me 25 Skout points. Skout points are available for purchase through Skout, and they only cost a small amount of real dollars to purchase.

Once I get my Skout points, I’m ready to travel, but I don’t even have to pack my bags. I have bragged to many people about the things that I’ve learned on Skout, and about the places I’ve traveled to. Sometimes, people ask me how I can afford to travel so much, but they don’t know that I’m only virtually traveling. I’ve learned a lot about many places that I’ve virtually visited, and I know for a fact, that one day I will choose a destination to go to. I’m saving up every dollar that I have, and I plan on taking a trip one day.

I’m not certain where I want to go first, but I do have a fascination with China, and I’m seriously thinking of paying a visit there. I even found a friend in China, after I did a virtual travel to Beijing, and the person and I have become good friends. I just so happened to find someone who could speak very good English, so the language barrier was not a problem. I very much enjoy Skout, and Skout Travel feature, and it has changed my life, in more ways than one. I can’t wait to do some traveling in real life.

The Brazilian economy has been given a boost by the financial power of the FIFA World Cup being held in the country and the 2016 Olympics, with more jobs available and a favorable financial policy explored by a new finance minister the company is becoming more agreeable to investors. Often cited as the eighth largest economy in the World, Brazil holds a place amongst the most powerful nations on the planet, but is rarely thought of as being similar to the better known developed nations. The BRL Trust is leading a group of financial companies that are more powerful and stronger than ever before as they lead Brazil forward to a stranger financial future. On their LinkedIn page, they have many things for people to check out.

The BRL Trust was founded in 2005 as a private loans group that was designed to manage and make sure the individual loans were administered correctly as the administering of loans had become a problem in the early years of the 21st century. After spending a large amount of time looking into finding the best group of people available to bring their expertise to the BRL Trust, the group was so good at its job that by the end of the first year the company was administering more than 100 loans.

The name of the BR Trust was already on the rise throughout the Brazilian financial world and on into North America and Europe when the company was given the opportunity to manage a number of loans associated with the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Amongst the most famous loans the company administered was for the redevelopment of the Corinthians stadium in Sao Paolo that would be used for the opening match of the tournament. Mired in financial difficulties for many years, the arrival of the BRL Trust allowed banks and investors to release funds that would be used to construct the stadium in time for the opening match of the tournament that took place throughout Brazil.

One of Top Gear’s most recognized long-term hosts, 54-year-old Jeremy Clarkson, has been suspended from the series pending an investigation by the BBC after a serious incident that involved Clarkson and one of the show’s producers. The British Broadcasting Corporation has described the event as a “fracas” between the two men, but inside sources have told the media that Clarkson actually hit the producer at some point last week during an argument. Clarkson though is the only person who has been suspended for the incident so far.

As a result of the event, the BBC has pulled Top Gear from its Sunday TV series lineup. The latest new episode will not be showing this Sunday, March 15, and the BBC may also shelve the remaining additional two episodes for the series’ latest season.

Clarkson, who has been with the car and vehicle review show since 2002, has cast a negative shadow on the series more than once over the past several years with his increasingly bad behavior. He could definitely use a mental evaluation at the Amen Clinic and has been heavily criticized by various minorities and ethnic groups for discriminatory comments about different types of peoples, including blunt and direct hate speech used onscreen in the show itself. He was actually given a final warning by the BBC last year to clean up his act. 

Yet, Clarkson seems unfazed. Since the suspension, he joked about it and offered recommendations for filling the time slot.

The television world lost another great man this week, as Sam Simon, the co-creator of America’s favorite family “The Simpsons” passed away due to colon cancer last Sunday. He was diagnosed with it back in 2012 so even though he had a lot of time to prepare for it, a person never really is ready to have this happen to them.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Simon had not only written episodes of The Simpsons but also episodes of “Taxi” and “Cheers.” In 1989 Simon got together with Matt Groening to create the funny yellow family and he wrote a lot of the episodes in the first season, and for a while after that too. He left the show in 1993 to pursue other career goals, but it was on friendly terms and he still kept some of the rights to the show.

Simon was a fourth-generation Californian and really loved his state, country and his family. Gianfrancesco Genoso says that he will always be remembered for his hilarious comedy and contributions to not just the television world and entertainment sector, but also his influence on American culture as many on LinkedIn have already shown. The Simpsons are known around the world for their edgy and off-color comedy and jokes, but they have been accepted as a part of society and a representation of this country. It is a shame to lose yet another person with so much talent.


Speculation continues to emerge among Jaime Garcia Dias‘ fan circles about where HBO’s Game of Thrones is going in the future. The conundrum the series faces is the George R.R. Martin novels in which the series is based are not even close to completion. The HBO series is going to have to create its own season six and seven and not be the (almost) faithful adaptations of the novels. Fans also were also coming to the conclusion they would have to accept, well, a conclusion. At some point, the series would have to tie up all its narratives and plot lines and come to an end.

Here is some interesting – and good – news for fans. The series may conclude all its plot lines, but this does not mean the series has to end. The plots could end and the storylines may come to a conclusion. The series, itself, could continue on after the seventh and presumed final season. How could this occur? All you need is good writers willing to craft new adventures and narratives.

Will Game of Thrones retain the same actors in an eighth season? We would be getting way ahead of ourselves if we made any assumptions in this regard.

Certain characters are going to meet their demise in season seven and, honestly, other actors are going to consider moving onto other projects. A new direction may be necessary with the an eighth season in 2018 but, as long as the quality remains, the continuation should be fine. Hopefully, HBO won’t make the terrible mistake of continuing with the series after it becomes a shell of its former greatness. Considering the talent involved with the project, this is not likely to occur.

One of the most important aspects of impressing people, whether they be a prospective client, a family member or a date is making sure everybody makes the most of their chance to impress when wining and dining. Just how to do this can be a problem for many people who have little to no knowledge of wine or ordering the best foods in a restaurant, the chance to impress can quickly become a major problem that can become overwhelming on a special occasion or event. Finding experts who can help assist in teaching about the best in wine and foods is something that everybody who hopes to make an impression should do to make sure their choices are the perfect way of making a good impression.

A great starting point for many is the academy offered by he Antique Wine company, founded in 1982, this London based company has quickly grown to become one of the most important wine merchants in the World. A large number of experts are found working for or with The Antique Wine Company who now teach a variety of courses on how to taste, choose and buy the best wines available for any event. Based at their Marylebone headquarters, this is a great way of making sure the perfect choice is made for wines each and every time a meal is ordered or prepared with courses ranging from those for beginners through to experienced wine collectors.

The dining part of any event or meal is just as important as the wine, with a range of options available for those who wish to make the best possible impression on their friends, family or clients. Attending a high quality restaurant that also has a great wine list is a possibility, although a home cooked meal can be just as important and impressive. Many restaurants and chefs offer classes and courses designed to allow individuals the chance to learn how to create impressive meals in their own home, these are a good option if you wish to impress with wine from your own collection.