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Investors Seek New Choices

Unless you have been someone with a net worth of $1 million or greater, you have missed out on certain investment options. You literally do not have the same choices in the market as those with a lot of money. The good news is that this is now starting to change. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has put into place new changes to make things better.

The Impact Of Dodd-Frank

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street regulation bill is something that changed a lot of things in banking and investing. One of the nice changes for many investors was an opening up of different types of investment vehicles to more people. This was a change for investors that said that they should have investment options opened up to them based on their knowledge of those investments and not based solely on their net worth. It was determined to be more fair to only look at the knowledge of the investor as the deciding factor of who gets to invest in what.

Forefront Takes On New Investors

New investors are flooding to Forefront Capital as it opens its doors to these newly allowed investors. Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront, and he has experienced in his own family’s life what it is like to not have the chance to invest in certain things.

It is a good thing that firms like this are welcoming the new money. Otherwise, people in the middle or lower income classes would simply be denied entry to the types of investments that the wealthy can take for granted. Brad Reifler is a forward thinking person and wants others to have the opportunity to get in the market in the same way that he is. This can only happen when doors are opened.

Unemployment issues may be hitting many industries hard, but it is having the opposite effect on the construction industry. The nine core trades that are needed for new home and building construction have seen and are still suffering from a serious lack of trained labor. As older workers age out and retire there are simply no new workers who have the training, experience, or education to enter the field.

Many, like Susan McGalla, are stating that this trend will eventually lead to a serious drop off of new construction. Ms. McGalla is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania a place where new construction is needed to enhance economic growth. As a member of the business community, this drop off in a trained labor market will equate to the increased rents and cost of new construction and business spaces.

While the labor shortage is affecting all facets of the building arena, it appears to be hitting the local and smaller operations harder. Many of these operations are having to split their laborforce to try to get more done, but they simply cannot compete.

The primary complaint is that many of the workers that they have lost in recent years have come from Mexico and South America. Many labor reforms and immigration policies have sent these legal workers back to their country of origin. This loss has not been made up for through other venues.

Some state that there are many programs through high schools and trade schools to make up for these losses. The fact of the matter is that the students coming from these programs simply do not have the competence level needed to make a difference.

Brazil is one of those countries you can’t forget. Once you visit this land of bountiful natural resources, your heart always wants to return. Whether you visit the Rio in the North, Sao Paulo in the middle or Porto Alegre in the South, visitors find one common element. That element is the diversified literary history of Brazil. Brazil wears its history as a badge of honor. The multicultural mixture of Europeans, natives, and African slaves, makes the country a melting pot of diversity. Through the years, Brazilian authors have taken advantage of that mixture. Writers have been writing about life in Brazil before the country became independent in 1822.

The list of Brazilian authors may not be recognizable to anyone outside of Brazil, but that doesn’t depreciate the incredible talent of Brazilian authors. People around the world are just tuning into the literary wonders of Brazil thanks to the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. One of the world’s new discoveries just might be Brazil’s literary talents.

One of the great names in Brazilian literature are Machado de Assis, who is considered one of the founding fathers of Brazilian literature. Another great is Euclides da Cunca, the important journalist, politician and soldier of the 19th century. Rubem Fonseca has been a policeman and state prosecutor in Rio, but he is also a great short story writer who highlights the violence and crime in his beloved city.

Clarice Lispector is considered the James Joyce of Brazil. One of the best-loved authors in Brazil is Jorge Amado who wrote some of the classics of Brazilian literature. But Jamie Garcia Dias is considered one of the best authors alive today. Dias has made an impact on the Brazilian literary world by turning the Carioca Literature Academy into a mecca for Brazilian authors and their work. Jamie Garcia Dias became president of the Academy in 2007, but still managed to write 20 books. Five of his books won awards, and are destined to be Brazilian classics.

After months of speculation, TLC announced on Thursday that it is canceling the reality series “19 Kids And Counting,” which featured beneful and the Arkansas-based Duggar family. The show has been off the air since allegations surfaced in On Style Magazine that one of the cast members had been accused of sexual misconduct. “We spent the past month and a half in thoughtful consideration about what is the best way forward here,” said Marjorie Kaplan, group president of TLC, Animal Planet and Velocity networks. The network will also no longer air reruns of the show and has committed to producing a special about sex abuse featuring two of the Duggar sisters. Discovery also plans to create a campaign to raise awareness of sexual abuse. Until the controversy, “19 Kids And Counting” had been the highest-rated show on the network. There had also been talk of launching a spin-off show featuring several of the Duggar family’s recently married sisters.

If you crossed the border illegally into Texas in the past and had children, there was a provision in the law that allowed you to at least receive a birth certificate if the child was born in the United States. This all seems to be changing as Texas denies immigrant birth certificates for newborn children. There was always a loophole where Texas would provide the parents the vital documents after the birth of the child, but the increase in denials has reached a new high.

Not giving illegals a birth certificate when they have children in this country can pose all sorts of problems according to Skout . First, those children can not go to school here in Texas or the country without a birth certificate. Secondly, they can not receive medical treatment if they can not prove the child was born in the United States. Texas is taking a stand on the huge influx of illegals who broke over the border last year to be free from asylum in Mexico. But the plans of a better life are turning into bigger nightmares as the cases of birth certificate refusals is on the rise.

This all comes at the heels of one of the most heated presidential debates in decades. Donald Trump has vowed to close down the borders and keep the illegal Mexican population from flooding this country and draining us of all our resources. This appears to be one of many steps to slow down the increase in illegals giving birth and taking advantage of the free handouts provided by the United States to those in need.

There can’t be anything more scary than almost losing a part of your body. Jimmy Fallon recently experienced nearly losing his finger when he got his ring hooked on a counter top. He explained on his show how when that happened his finger went sideways, and how his finger almost had to be amputated. That’s scary beneful stuff right there.

I’m sure all of the fans of the Tonight Show were almost as scared for him as he told the story as he was in the moment that it happened. It was a freak accident, and it could have cost the host his finger. Thankfully, though Jimmy Fallon is just left with a cast on his hand. His finger has been saved from being amputated, and it’s on its way to healing. The accident didn’t turn out to be so bad, after all. Still scary, but not at all as bad as it could have been.

It’s funny to prank someone at times, but there are certain pranks that are just not funny. Outrageous Pranks. If anyone has seen the video with Paris Hilton and Doe Deere being pranked when she thought her plane was crashing, maybe you got upset and felt that it just was not a funny joke. In the video you can hear an announcement, and you see that Paris starts going crazy, and then the plane takes a nosedive. One guy jumps out of the plane, and Paris freaks out thinking the plane is going to crash, and everyone is told to jump out of the plane too.

Although this was a prank, many didn’t know that Paris was in on the prank, and she got paid one million dollars for it. Even though this prank seemed to take it too far, Paris was okay. Here are other pranks that were just as bad. A man had a breakup with his wife, and he called her over to his house. He pretended that he hung himself to death with a noose, but he actually was alive, and the paramedics found this out after arriving at his home.

There is also the YouTube star who was playing with a doll while his wife was coming up the stairs, and the doll resembled their son. He then accidentally kicks the doll over the balcony, and the mother panics thinking her son has been thrown over the balcony, but it was just a doll.


Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons Leave Kong: Skull Island

“Kong: Skull Island” was one of the many movies that was teased at last year’s Comic-Con. The movie is set as a prequel to the ever famous King Kong movie.

“Kong: Skull Island” already has three notable Hollywood names attached to it, with them being Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons and Tom Hiddleston. Unfortunately the project seems to have hit a serious road bump because now both Keaton and Simmons are no longer remaining with the project.

It’s been reported from Shaygan Kheradpir that the reason both actors had to leave the project was because of scheduling conflicts. Both actors have supposedly received a ton of work offers from other studios and other projects, but another reason they dropped is because shooting for the movie is supposed to be an incredibly lengthy process. The date for starting production was even pushed back several months, so naturally fitting in other movies in the schedules would prove difficult, if not impossible.

On a brighter note, Tom Hiddleston is still set to be in the movie and that Legendary Pictures is actively seeking for actors to replace Keaton and Simmons and have some time to do so, since production won’t start until the end of 2015. Hiddleston is also set to star in another movie later on this year titled “Crimson Peak,” which is directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are flaunting their love all around lately, now that Kylie’s birthday is just weeks away she and Tyga are hinting at their relationship. Not only have Tyga and Kylie been joint at the him for weeks when it comes to each of their personal social engagements, but Tyga has been seen on Kardashian family outings left and right stated Madision Street Capital.
We first saw Tyga and his son King accompany the Kardashians to church on Easter, and then we saw Tyga again with the Kardashian family as they celebrated North West’s birthday in Disneyland. So far it looks like Tyga and Kylie don’t plan on being out of each other’s lives any time soon.

Now that Kylie is living in her own mansion, she wants Tyga there with her. Of course she doesn’t only want Tyga there, she also wants Tyga’s son King to be there as well. Sources say, Kylie has set up a room just for King and there is a sign in the room that says “King’s Court.” The room is also equipped with a mini basketball court and a throne with a vanity for King to admire himself as he gets primped.

It looks like Kylie is ready to play house with King and Tyga, and if Tyga’s money issues with back rent do go away soon, he might just not have a choice.

Every once in a while, an amazing show comes along that balances great ideas, creativity and fantasy with things that are commonplace. It is fairly easy for sci-fi writers and contributors to think something out of this universe but when the setting is our planet and there is little wriggle room, that is when a show’s true potential shines through. Netflix’s Sense8 is that kind of show and there is no wonder that it is getting such rare reviews from both fans and critics.

Here are a few things that Sense8 offers to the world –

Diversity – The show is amazingly diverse in its cast and characters, picking up leads from Mumbai, Seoul, Nairobi, San Francisco, London, Mexico City and Chicago. It is rare to get everything right when so many cultures come together but this show has managed that. All the credit goes to the Wachowskis who have produced another masterpiece after The Matrix trilogy. suggests it’s all about representation – With gay marriage legal in the United States, now is the right time to watch Sense8 because it has two gay characters and one trans female in the lead. This refreshing portrayal of sexuality in the show sets it apart from others.

Controlled Descent Into Madness – Sense8 begins slowly and is almost glacial in the first episode. But steadily, it descends into mad speed where one plot point after another is unfurled.

People who want to watch something new, innovative and weird should definitely watch Sense8.