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Because of the Dan Newlin Miracle Project, seven children at the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital with cancer were able to meet Evander Holyfield, the former Undisputed World Champion. The grateful children got the chance to visit with the Champion for several hours at the Law Offices of Attorney Newlin in Orlando, Florida. Newlin was inspired to make the meeting happen when he watched an in-flight video while flying back to Orlando from South America.

Newlin felt that someone like Holyfield who was able to come back and become a champion after experiencing a low point in his life would be very inspirational for the children. He knew that Holyfield has experienced more ups and downs than any other boxer in history and that his experience would help them understand their situation better.

Holyfield was also very glad to be a part of the Dan Newlin Miracle Project. He believed it was natural for him to be a part of the project because of what he has been through in his life. He is really glad to be able to inspire and give back to everyone he meets. Holyfield’s mother has been his greatest source of inspiration.

The children were very lucky to get to spend time with the Greatest Cruise-weight champion in history. They are fighters too. They wore boxing gloves and red while they cheered their thanks for Holyfield. Their happiness could be heard all through the building.

When it comes to the Dan Newlin Miracle Project, Newlin says that they are always looking for new ways to be able to connect with local charities and hospitals. Newlin is very well known for his extensive Central Florida charity work. The project is dedicated to doing whatever it can to bring happiness to kids who are going through tough times. Dan Newlin was discussed in this press release as well.

Dan Newlin is a lawyer who has been able to win more than 150 million in damages for his clients. He began with a small office that only had one secretary and now has a highly successful boutique law firm that serves the Florida and Illinois areas. The office has more than 75 employees and 18 attorneys. His team helps clients with auto accidents, construction accidents, personal injury, motorcycle accidents, injury cases, medical negligence, wrongfully charged criminal offenses, and truck accidents.


Andy Wirth is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows in Olympic Valley in California. He was born in July 1963 in West Germany. He studied at Colorado State University where he attained a Bachelor of Science degree. His philanthropic contribution to the Navy SEAL Foundation was inspired by his sky diving accident.

In 2011, a friend hooked him up with Sean McCornick, who trained him to become a certified jumper. He fell in love with the sport, and he would participate as often as he found the time. On October 13, 2013, his life took an unexpected turn. The pilot messed up, and he had to jump far away from the drop zone. He ended up landing on a vineyard, which is highly unsuitable and dangerous. Unfortunately, a pole caught his hand, and it was ripped off, stripping all the tissue from his shoulder downwards.

Luckily, he survived the accident after being rushed to the hospital. He underwent surgery and therapy. He is still on the recovery journey even though he has regained 70 percent use of his hand. The navy seal visited Squaw Valley for training, and this was when he became friends with some of them.

This is when he found out what some of the Navy SEAL soldiers go through. The soldiers put their lives at risk every time they go to combat. Some have lost their lives causing their family great grief. Others lose body parts and become disabled for life. This is why Andy Wirth raises money for the Navy SEAL Foundation to help the victims and their families.

This year Andy has gathered a team for the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. The name of the team is Special Warfare Warrior and the primary goal is to generate support for the Navy SEAL Foundation. To be part of this great cause visit the Crowdise website and change someone’s life today. The hand that gives shall also receive.

With time and enough money, anyone can purchase one or two good artworks. Be that as it may, consistently making quick and smart choices over decades can be quite difficult to do. One has to have great insight into this aspect and over a period you have a vast collection of art items that is truly valuable. At every step, this is an amazing and engaging step for every art collector. Positively Adam Sender has done quite recently that. He is not just an art collector; he is an art investor and exactly knows the value of each piece of art.

Grand Auction at Sotheby’s

At just 45, he has an immense collection of splendid artworks from the absolute best contemporary artists from around the world. Now people will have a chance to see the scope of his vision and his perspective, as more than 400 works from 139 artists are being displayed starting from May. This auction is taking place at Sotheby’s and will stretch out throughout the following year. As a matter of fact, several years ago Adam Sender moved to Florida and everyone knows him as an art investor rather than art collector.

Logical and Great Insight

In 2006, he sold approximately 30 contemporary art pieces that valued around $19 million. He received a six-fold return on his investment. Further to that, he altered his Miami beach house into an art gallery venue, to profit from the art crowds who are visiting the Art Basel Miami Beach. These are some of the business tactics used by Adam Sender, thereby led to his success. At present, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Exis Capital Management, Inc. This firm was established in 1998. Prior to this, he worked as Portfolio Manager in SAC Capital Advisors LP and this firm was started by Steven A. Cohen.

Manager Turned to Art

He has always been regarded as the first generation of art investors who also worked as the hedge-fund managers. He graduated from the University of Michigan. Obviously, when he began, Sender had no clue that he would accumulate a collection that is worth of lending to museum shows. From here on, he plans to give major artworks to institutions. Moreover when he started purchasing valuable artworks, h never thought that this would turn into a profession. He aims to purchase more interesting pieces from new artists. Check out Adam Sender’s Facebook profile.

Any experience homeowner knows that it can be difficult to find a trusted handyman to come out and do services in their home. When comes to handyman services it can be very frustrating, because there are so many little things that can go wrong around the house. There may be a problem with the plumbing, a problem with the heating and air conditioning, a problem with the electrical, or a problem with the structure of the home. For all such issues there are different individuals that need to be called. If a homeowner were to go online and do their own personal search for a technician to come out and do repairs for their home, they could find themselves very frustrated. Even though there is no lack of professionals that claim to be honest and affordable, in reality it is hard to find a professional handyman that can be trusted.

When it comes to a company that can come out and clean the home it can also be difficult to find one that is trustworthy as well. When a company is cleaning a home they get into very personal areas. If it is not a company that is trustworthy, the homeowner could stand to have things stolen, or broken. a homeowner does not want to just hire anyone to come clean their home, but they want to be able to hire someone that is professional and reliable.

For both such circumstances was made. is a very unique website in which an individual homeowner can go onto the website and hire a company that can come out and do cleaning services or handyman services around their home. takes all the guesswork out of getting services done. All that an individual has to do is go online and click on the tab to book an appointment. The appointment can be booked within 60 seconds, and a company can be scheduled to come out to their home as early as the very next day. Hundreds of people have used this website and are very satisfied with the services that they have received. If, for some reason, an individual were not happy with the services that they receive, then will offer them a full 100% money
back guarantee. only deals with trusted professionals that are friendly and experienced. They all have a background check and are licensed and insured. These are professionals that have dealt with many other satisfied customers, and they only deliver good services. It is so nice to know that there is a website like, because it makes a person feel comfortable with the professionals that they have in their home.

Investors Seek New Choices

Unless you have been someone with a net worth of $1 million or greater, you have missed out on certain investment options. You literally do not have the same choices in the market as those with a lot of money. The good news is that this is now starting to change. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has put into place new changes to make things better.

The Impact Of Dodd-Frank

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street regulation bill is something that changed a lot of things in banking and investing. One of the nice changes for many investors was an opening up of different types of investment vehicles to more people. This was a change for investors that said that they should have investment options opened up to them based on their knowledge of those investments and not based solely on their net worth. It was determined to be more fair to only look at the knowledge of the investor as the deciding factor of who gets to invest in what.

Forefront Takes On New Investors

New investors are flooding to Forefront Capital as it opens its doors to these newly allowed investors. Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront, and he has experienced in his own family’s life what it is like to not have the chance to invest in certain things.

It is a good thing that firms like this are welcoming the new money. Otherwise, people in the middle or lower income classes would simply be denied entry to the types of investments that the wealthy can take for granted. Brad Reifler is a forward thinking person and wants others to have the opportunity to get in the market in the same way that he is. This can only happen when doors are opened.

Unemployment issues may be hitting many industries hard, but it is having the opposite effect on the construction industry. The nine core trades that are needed for new home and building construction have seen and are still suffering from a serious lack of trained labor. As older workers age out and retire there are simply no new workers who have the training, experience, or education to enter the field.

Many, like Susan McGalla, are stating that this trend will eventually lead to a serious drop off of new construction. Ms. McGalla is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania a place where new construction is needed to enhance economic growth. As a member of the business community, this drop off in a trained labor market will equate to the increased rents and cost of new construction and business spaces.

While the labor shortage is affecting all facets of the building arena, it appears to be hitting the local and smaller operations harder. Many of these operations are having to split their laborforce to try to get more done, but they simply cannot compete.

The primary complaint is that many of the workers that they have lost in recent years have come from Mexico and South America. Many labor reforms and immigration policies have sent these legal workers back to their country of origin. This loss has not been made up for through other venues.

Some state that there are many programs through high schools and trade schools to make up for these losses. The fact of the matter is that the students coming from these programs simply do not have the competence level needed to make a difference.

Brazil is one of those countries you can’t forget. Once you visit this land of bountiful natural resources, your heart always wants to return. Whether you visit the Rio in the North, Sao Paulo in the middle or Porto Alegre in the South, visitors find one common element. That element is the diversified literary history of Brazil. Brazil wears its history as a badge of honor. The multicultural mixture of Europeans, natives, and African slaves, makes the country a melting pot of diversity. Through the years, Brazilian authors have taken advantage of that mixture. Writers have been writing about life in Brazil before the country became independent in 1822.

The list of Brazilian authors may not be recognizable to anyone outside of Brazil, but that doesn’t depreciate the incredible talent of Brazilian authors. People around the world are just tuning into the literary wonders of Brazil thanks to the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. One of the world’s new discoveries just might be Brazil’s literary talents.

One of the great names in Brazilian literature are Machado de Assis, who is considered one of the founding fathers of Brazilian literature. Another great is Euclides da Cunca, the important journalist, politician and soldier of the 19th century. Rubem Fonseca has been a policeman and state prosecutor in Rio, but he is also a great short story writer who highlights the violence and crime in his beloved city.

Clarice Lispector is considered the James Joyce of Brazil. One of the best-loved authors in Brazil is Jorge Amado who wrote some of the classics of Brazilian literature. But Jamie Garcia Dias is considered one of the best authors alive today. Dias has made an impact on the Brazilian literary world by turning the Carioca Literature Academy into a mecca for Brazilian authors and their work. Jamie Garcia Dias became president of the Academy in 2007, but still managed to write 20 books. Five of his books won awards, and are destined to be Brazilian classics.

After months of speculation, TLC announced on Thursday that it is canceling the reality series “19 Kids And Counting,” which featured beneful and the Arkansas-based Duggar family. The show has been off the air since allegations surfaced in On Style Magazine that one of the cast members had been accused of sexual misconduct. “We spent the past month and a half in thoughtful consideration about what is the best way forward here,” said Marjorie Kaplan, group president of TLC, Animal Planet and Velocity networks. The network will also no longer air reruns of the show and has committed to producing a special about sex abuse featuring two of the Duggar sisters. Discovery also plans to create a campaign to raise awareness of sexual abuse. Until the controversy, “19 Kids And Counting” had been the highest-rated show on the network. There had also been talk of launching a spin-off show featuring several of the Duggar family’s recently married sisters.

If you crossed the border illegally into Texas in the past and had children, there was a provision in the law that allowed you to at least receive a birth certificate if the child was born in the United States. This all seems to be changing as Texas denies immigrant birth certificates for newborn children. There was always a loophole where Texas would provide the parents the vital documents after the birth of the child, but the increase in denials has reached a new high.

Not giving illegals a birth certificate when they have children in this country can pose all sorts of problems according to Skout . First, those children can not go to school here in Texas or the country without a birth certificate. Secondly, they can not receive medical treatment if they can not prove the child was born in the United States. Texas is taking a stand on the huge influx of illegals who broke over the border last year to be free from asylum in Mexico. But the plans of a better life are turning into bigger nightmares as the cases of birth certificate refusals is on the rise.

This all comes at the heels of one of the most heated presidential debates in decades. Donald Trump has vowed to close down the borders and keep the illegal Mexican population from flooding this country and draining us of all our resources. This appears to be one of many steps to slow down the increase in illegals giving birth and taking advantage of the free handouts provided by the United States to those in need.

There can’t be anything more scary than almost losing a part of your body. Jimmy Fallon recently experienced nearly losing his finger when he got his ring hooked on a counter top. He explained on his show how when that happened his finger went sideways, and how his finger almost had to be amputated. That’s scary beneful stuff right there.

I’m sure all of the fans of the Tonight Show were almost as scared for him as he told the story as he was in the moment that it happened. It was a freak accident, and it could have cost the host his finger. Thankfully, though Jimmy Fallon is just left with a cast on his hand. His finger has been saved from being amputated, and it’s on its way to healing. The accident didn’t turn out to be so bad, after all. Still scary, but not at all as bad as it could have been.