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We’ve seen the infomercials, we’ve seen facebook testimonials and hundreds of thousands of women have witnessed firsthand what Wen can do to dry, split and damaged hair.
In a recent BUSTLE article, Emily McClure (a fashion and beauty writer) documented her journey  (results here: using common brand shampoos and conditioners, to an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styler. Despite having fine hair Emily began to see incredible results after just one application of Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean.

After long busy days at work Emily was surprised to see that her hair still looked shiny and healthy. After only a few uses she was impressed by how soft her locks were. By the end of her trial week with Wen she was getting compliments from friends on how lustrous her hair looked.

Wen is popular with women of all different hair types because of its carefully selected ingredients that are formulated to cleanse hair, wash away dirt and grime and still leave it shiny, silky and soft. Neither greasy hair nor dry hair, thick hair or thin hair is a match for Wen.

Packed with all natural ingredients including essential oils, unlike traditional shampoos and conditioners Wen doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils or weigh it down with heavy ingredients.

The concept of Wen has Hollywood in a buzz. This now wildly popular twitter brand of cleansing hair and eliminating harsh chemicals from your hair care routine has not only put Wen by Chaz on the map, it’s also revolutionized the way people look at hair care.

Instead of a bathroom full of products, dedicated customers of Wen have ditched the old way of doing things and with Chaz Dean’s haircare line alone they’re able to maintain a healthy head of hair that is easy to style, easy to maintain and healthier than ever.

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Igor Cornelsen is a top Brazilian investment adviser who helps people make the right decision when it comes to the stock market. The stock market can be a tricky game, but luckily Igor knows how to play the game and will help investors make successful long-term investments on After all, everyone wants to be successful in life, so why not do things the right way the first time around? Igor will guide you every step of the way and provide you with inside knowledge of the stock market. Igor Cornelsen wants the very best for you and wants to see you be successful.

The stock market might be seen to some as a way of making a quick buck. After all, how hard is it to pick a stock at random and hope you win big? Millions of people are already playing the stock market game, which makes other people want to see what all the fuss is about. However, the stock market on is a little harder than people think. A lot of people think you can invest in a large stock and expect a big return. However, if you invest your money into smaller investments, you are not committing yourself to one particular stock and expecting a big return in the end. Investing in smaller stocks can actually help you limit the losses and improve your chances of becoming successful in the long run. As they say, it is not always good to put all of your eggs into one basket. It is better to branch out a little and test the waters a little to see what works and what does not work. Investing is a career move, and if you end up making the wrong move, you could lose money and be in trouble. Why not invest your time, money, and chances of winning into someone you can trust and can get behind?

Igor Cornelsen has been an investment adviser for quite some time, so he definitely knows a thing or two about investing in the stock market. One tip Igor Cornelsen suggests is to look for companies that have been productive consistently. These companies for Igor Cornelsen may not be the biggest or the hottest companies on the market, but you want to choose corporations that have a long history of consistency as this will give you a better return. Instead of following in everyone else’s footsteps, take a step back and look at the stock market and see what works best for you.

QNET has in the recent past flown high its Corporate Social Responsibility, We Care, by providing a water storage facility to Sriram Nagar, a government primary school in Hyderabad. The high-flying Asia direct selling first mover has, in partnership with Lions Club of Hyderabad, helped deliver safer drinking water to over 800 students in the school.

The e-commerce-based company aims at ensuring the school has a well maintained water system and proper sanitation and hygiene facilities. As such, the government has used this initiative to complement its own, Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign, to promote awareness on good hygiene. QNET is hoping to work on this project on a long term basis to reach CSR’s best practice standards even as it ploughs back to the society and the environment.

Raise Yourself to Help Mankind and Inservice have been the voice of reason behind QNET’s CSR initiatives. Both philosophies do encourage selfless service and have enabled QNET to work with other credible NGOs as part of QNET’s active involvement on the ground. The company draws its inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s selfless service philosophy.

Being a member of QI Group of Companies, QNET tops as an extensive investor in the needs of homeless and destitute individuals through its CSR initiatives. The company has successful run the health check drive at the Home of Hope in Bangalore that has seen over 200 destitute adults undergo a 2-month health program to restitute their health. QNET is also privileged to be a member of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association in India.

Every woman dreams of luscious locks seen on QVC infomercials and the celebrity filled red carpets, but finding products that yield such fantastic results proves to be nearly impossible. Hair products that promise to leave hair with unbelievable bounce and shine, rarely receive rave reviews from customers who have given their product a try. Wen by Chaz Dean is truly an exception to all hair product expectations! Celebrity hairstylist, Chaz Dean, has created a truly unbelievable hair care system with only five organic ingredients that leave hair feeling and looking truly remarkable. Wen by Chaz Dean is a unique 5-in-1 formulated product that takes the place of your old shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner! Wen focuses the health of each strand by not stripping hair of the essential oils, and hair is left manageable, strong, and moisturized as a result.

We followed a customer who put Wen to the test, and the results speak for them self! The customer wrote an article complete with daily updates and photos of her experience using Wen by Chaz Dean. This particular customer had fine hair and was looking for a product to make her hair more manageable and voluminous, so she decided to put WEN to the test over a 7 day trial period. Through out the trial she noticed shiny and more manageable hair, noting that her hair looked it’s best after a fresh wash with the Wen hair care system. She was most excited about the extra shine Wen created for her locks, and mentioned that she will definitely be “reaching for Wen when she wants to add a little extra shine”! Read the full article here and try the amazing Wen by Chaz Dean for yourself!



“Queens of Drama” is a new American scripted reality drama show. It follows actresses from soap operas as they form their own product in company and attempt to create, develop, and produce their own serialized drama and have it picked up by a network. The show offers an interesting take on the typical reality show by scripting the characters but still playing itself off as a reality series. It also offers an interesting take on these women, all of whom have created their entire careers through soap operas, are now giving it a shot and creating their own show.

Over the last decade many soap operas have left the air, they have not been as popular as they once were, and Queens of Drama takes this very situation as an opportunity to exploit the situation in a fun, funny, and of course, dramatic way. It offers catty drama, and pulls you into their world as they ride a roller coaster of both ups and downs as they try to make it on the other side of the camera.

Actress Crystal Hunt has one of the lead roles in the show, giving her a chance to showcase her dramatic acting talent. She and fellow actress Lindsay Hartley have a tense relationship that recreates the snippy attitudes and drama that soap opera fans so love.

Prior to her role on this new show, she has also worked on both major soaps “One Life To Live”, and “Guiding Light”. Hunt began her career when she started participating in pageants at the age of 2. Ironically, her talent for the pageants was acting. She went on to preform in numerous commercials including some for big names like The Walt Disney Company as well as an anti-drug PSA she did with the popular boy band *NSYNC. The majority of her fame, however, came when she landed the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the popular soap “Guiding Light”. She portrayed the character for 3 years, from 2003-2006, and was nominated for an Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama award for the 2005 Daytime Emmy Awards according to SoapOperaNetwork. Along with her soap opera roles she has also appeared in a few movies that include “The Derby Stallion”, and “Sydney White”. Along with filming her current series, “Queens of Drama”, she is also the owner of My Pets Dream Boutique, a high-end pet boutique that is set in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida.  Crystal Hunt’s most popular role was undoubtedly as Stacy Morasco.  That saw her Facebook popularity skyrocket, with new fans pouring in.

Kyle Bass, the founder of Hyman Capital Management, is reputable for founding the Coalition for Drugs (CFAD) in a bid to challenge patents belonging to various pharmaceutical companies. Among his many motives for establishing the CFAD, was to trigger increased competition in the pharmaceutical sector to cut down the cost of medicine or drugs.

In recent times, the Kyle Bass’s Coalition for Affordable Drugs has challenged various patents from pharmaceutical companies such as Biogen Inc., whose patent revolves around the use of 480mg of Tecfidera dimethyl fumarate. The Tecfidera dimethyl fumarate is meant to cure multiple sclerosis and is under the United States Patent No. 8399514, which will expire in the year 2028. The patent challenge was the main reason that led Patent Trial and Appeal Board to form the Inter Partes Review (IPR), which is a process for challenging the validity of patents in the United States.

The CFAD is reputable for challenging many other patents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by various pharmaceutical entities such as Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc, Celgene Corporation and Acorda Therapeuticals Inc. Consequently, the appeal against the dosage for the treatment for multiple sclerosis is just a tip of the iceberg.

The report presented by the CFAD to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board indicated that was another methodology, which could be utilized to get the suitable dosage for curing autoimmune illnesses. A report compiled by the PTABWatch stated that by October 2015, the CFAD had filed 33 appeals for review. Some of the petitions were reported to be addressing a similar patent.

An In-depth Look into Kyle Bass

UsefulStooges reports that Kyle Bass is the head and founder of Hyman Capital Management, which is a hedge fund based in Dallas. Bass, who was born on September 7, 1969, studied at Texas Christian University located in Fort Worth through an academic and diving scholarship. In 1992, he officially became an alumnus of the University with a degree in Business Administration and Real Estate Finance. Upon leaving school, Bass worked for various companies such as Prudential Securities and the Legg Mason before going ahead to establish a hedge fund in 2006.

Upon launching Hyman Capital Management, he became highly convinced about the existence of a real-estate bubble. His prediction later turned out to be among his notable successes as he gained a lot from his purchase of credit swaps on the securities of Subprime Mortgage. In addition, he holds membership on various boards such as that of the University of Texas Investment Management Co, which oversees assets exceeding $27 billion in terms of value. The Business Executives for National Security, the Troops First Foundation and the Advisory Council of the Comeback America Initiative represent some of the other boards where Bass is a member.

George Soros was Born in Budapest in 1930, after surviving the Nazi occupation Soros fled for England in 1947. Soros joined and graduated from the London School of Economics on and later settled in the United States of America. 

Having grown up in harsh economic and social conditions, Soros learnt and appreciated the importance of education. To this end, Soros established a vast business empire as well as a charity which offered scholarships to South Africans. He has also founded the open society foundation. An organization which seeks to address the idea of an open society which guarantees rights of citizens as well as the inherent right of the government on being held accountable for all its actions.

During an economic forum held in the capital of Sri Lanka, George Soros addressed his fears of the global economy suffering a major blow; worse than the economic crunch that shook America’s economy to the core. The effects of the economic crunch were so devastating. This forced Banks to seek for grants from the government and Americans losing homes to foreclosure.

George has cited the recession of China’s economy as one of the major reasons why the global economy is bound to take a nosedive. China is ranked as the second largest economy in the world, and this recession has taken a toll on developing countries. China has in the past played a key role in the development of these countries, and the recession could not have come at a worse time.

China has made efforts to save the country’s economy through adopting a new growth model that comprises consumption and service delivery and departing from the previous model of investment and manufacture. However, the economy is yet to experience change with the country continuing to struggle from the adverse effects of the recession.

Global Currency, stock and commodity markets have come under pressure in the first week of the new year with the Yuan sinking further into the devaluation pit. Global equities have recorded $2.5 trillion loss, with Chinese equities losing in Asia causing a standstill before the close of business.

Soros feels that the current economic conditions are similar to those experienced in global economies before the economic crunch in 2008. Soros predicts that the looming global recession will be worse than that experienced in 2008. This is not the first time that Soros has aired this concerns while addressing an open panel in Washington Soros cited the Greece-born European crunch as another cause of the looming global recession.

Soros, who gained prominence in 1992 after successfully predicting that the U.K government would be forced to devalue the pound, and made $1billion from betting on this prediction, has risen to become a renowned expert.

The looming global economic conditions only prove that the predictions by George Soros are well on track to take effect. However, it remains to be seen whether the players in the global market will make adjustments and successfully prevent the imminent global recession.


Investing is one popular business that most people and companies engage in. Investments are almost a basic need to anyone who wants to achieve more. The right investment brings in great returns.

The most important part of the investment business is in knowing when, where and how to invest. A person can read tons of books and financial magazines and still have difficulties executing the learnt knowledge. This is because for an investment to be successful, one must have a great experience in the market and be able to research the market well.

Investment advice is largely available. One can get this advice from financial planners, share brokers, investment banks, insurance companies and investorclaims advisers. However, not all firms have the best interest towards the potential investor.

Some of the investment advice offered is more of a calculated move by a firm to sell an opportunity that will only enrich the securities industry and the brokerage firm. One of the challenges of investing is having to determine whether your are actually being enlightened or sold. At times the ‘expert’ may be merely offering an opinion with no researched data to ascertain the claim.

To avoid the above challenges, it is imperative that you know who to talk to. Investment advice must be sought from a reputable firm which has quality experience in the market and a consistent successful record. One of the top most recommended firms is the Laidlaw and Company investment bank.

Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw and company is an international investment banking firm that is based on Park Avenue, New York. It provides wealth management services and investment banking services that has excellent advisory services. The company is well known for providing personal investment advice that suits an individual needs.

The firm’s investment advisors put the interest of the client before their profit gain. Their investment advice is well researched with organized data. An investor seeking to have a successful investment and peace of mind is advised by SEC to consult Laidlaw & Company.



US Money Reserve, one of the largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver and platinum products in the nation, has recently launched their new and improved e-commerce website and online catalog.

The new website is a reflection of the companies status. Since they are considered a leader in the precious metals industry, they felt it was time their website reflected that.

The new website falls right in line with the companies core values which is to always provide every customer with the best possible experience.

According to an article posted on CBS19, the newly designed website features impressive photos of Philip N. Diehl, and a coin gallery displaying all the coins they have to offer.

The purpose of the new website according to CBS 19 is two fold. First it will educate consumers on the many benefits of investing in government issued bullion, and secondly it will enhance the purchasing experience of precious metals.

Ryan Buchanan, VP of Brand and Creative at US Money Reserve, referred to the website as a fully responsive tool that will allow the company to create quality content across several different platforms.

It will also allow the company to better communicate with each client in a safe and secure manner. Buchanan was in charge of overseeing the entire redesign of the website and it is now a growing online shop that offers competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion and gold and silver bars.

Besides gold and silver bullion and bars, US Money Reserve also offers PCGS certified coins and exclusive products for those who are avid collectors of precious metals.

For more information on grading, minting and purchasing coins, visit the US Money Reserve website and sign up for a free gold information kit.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve was founded in 2001. Since then it has grown into one of the largest distributors of U.S. and foreign government-issued gold, silver and platinum in the world.

They have hundreds of thousands of clients who rely on their services to diversify their assets.

US Money Reserve has a team of highly trained experts that know the markets inside and out. They will work with you one on one to help you find the best precious metals with the highest profit potential.

At US Money Reserve their number one goal is to establish long term relationships by providing superior customer service to every client.

To learn more about US Money Reserve visit them online at

South Plainfield, New Jersey-based luggage manufacturer Tumi agreed to a sale by the world’s largest luggage company Samsonite for $1.8 billion. Samsonite, a household name in luggage for more than 60 years, believes the merger deal will enable them to be the leader in the upscale luggage marketplace.

Samsonite’s chief executive Ramesh Tainwala commented, “We always wanted to have a play in this segment, but we have never been able to do it in a very credible way.” Tumi reported sales of $548 million in 2015, according to retail analyst David Schick. Schick stated, “What we see in the evolution of luxury is that brands understand that they can only get so big.”

Realizing that they could only capture a percentage of the luggage sector, Tumi positioned themselves to join a recognized and respected brand to increase operational and logistical efficiency. Such a model was used by sector giant LVNH, who’s lineup includes Christian Dior, Fendi, and Sephora. Both Tumi and Samsonite shared the same sentiment that potential growth awaited each by sharing each other’s knowledge and distribution matrix.

Rumors of the impending acquisition by Samsonite spurred Tumi’s stock to increase 35 percent. Tumi brings to Samsonite a devoted customer base. Much like Starbucks has devoted customers, the same holds true for Tumi customers. Tumi customers stand by the product line for its durability, perfect size for overhead compartments on airlines and offer rave reviews about its customer service.

Samsonite indicated it wants to maintain Tumi’s marketplace share. It welcomes the product line as a fresh addition to a somewhat stagnant Samsonite luggage lineup of Hartmann, American Tourister, and High Sierra. Perceived as just luggage for the American public that travels on business and vacation, the Tumi product lineup is focused and tailored to business traveler needs.

Samsonite seeks to capture a greater percentage of the global marketplace with Tumi. 68% percent of Samsonite’s sales occur in North America, with Asia registering 17%, and 14% from the African continent, the Middle East and Europe. Ramesh Tainwala believes that Tumi can establish a greater foothold in the hard side luggage sector.

Madison Street Capital LLC of Chicago, Illinois is a global investment and financial organization that specialized in acquisitions and mergers, corporate financing and financial advisories and consultations. It offers clients capital restructuring, reorganization, and bankruptcy services. Madison Street Capital LLC maintains a staff of professionals knowledgeable in business valuation, valuation for financial reporting and asset management advisory services.

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