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Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons Leave Kong: Skull Island

“Kong: Skull Island” was one of the many movies that was teased at last year’s Comic-Con. The movie is set as a prequel to the ever famous King Kong movie.

“Kong: Skull Island” already has three notable Hollywood names attached to it, with them being Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons and Tom Hiddleston. Unfortunately the project seems to have hit a serious road bump because now both Keaton and Simmons are no longer remaining with the project.

It’s been reported from Shaygan Kheradpir that the reason both actors had to leave the project was because of scheduling conflicts. Both actors have supposedly received a ton of work offers from other studios and other projects, but another reason they dropped is because shooting for the movie is supposed to be an incredibly lengthy process. The date for starting production was even pushed back several months, so naturally fitting in other movies in the schedules would prove difficult, if not impossible.

On a brighter note, Tom Hiddleston is still set to be in the movie and that Legendary Pictures is actively seeking for actors to replace Keaton and Simmons and have some time to do so, since production won’t start until the end of 2015. Hiddleston is also set to star in another movie later on this year titled “Crimson Peak,” which is directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are flaunting their love all around lately, now that Kylie’s birthday is just weeks away she and Tyga are hinting at their relationship. Not only have Tyga and Kylie been joint at the him for weeks when it comes to each of their personal social engagements, but Tyga has been seen on Kardashian family outings left and right stated Madision Street Capital.
We first saw Tyga and his son King accompany the Kardashians to church on Easter, and then we saw Tyga again with the Kardashian family as they celebrated North West’s birthday in Disneyland. So far it looks like Tyga and Kylie don’t plan on being out of each other’s lives any time soon.

Now that Kylie is living in her own mansion, she wants Tyga there with her. Of course she doesn’t only want Tyga there, she also wants Tyga’s son King to be there as well. Sources say, Kylie has set up a room just for King and there is a sign in the room that says “King’s Court.” The room is also equipped with a mini basketball court and a throne with a vanity for King to admire himself as he gets primped.

It looks like Kylie is ready to play house with King and Tyga, and if Tyga’s money issues with back rent do go away soon, he might just not have a choice.

Every once in a while, an amazing show comes along that balances great ideas, creativity and fantasy with things that are commonplace. It is fairly easy for sci-fi writers and contributors to think something out of this universe but when the setting is our planet and there is little wriggle room, that is when a show’s true potential shines through. Netflix’s Sense8 is that kind of show and there is no wonder that it is getting such rare reviews from both fans and critics.

Here are a few things that Sense8 offers to the world –

Diversity – The show is amazingly diverse in its cast and characters, picking up leads from Mumbai, Seoul, Nairobi, San Francisco, London, Mexico City and Chicago. It is rare to get everything right when so many cultures come together but this show has managed that. All the credit goes to the Wachowskis who have produced another masterpiece after The Matrix trilogy. suggests it’s all about representation – With gay marriage legal in the United States, now is the right time to watch Sense8 because it has two gay characters and one trans female in the lead. This refreshing portrayal of sexuality in the show sets it apart from others.

Controlled Descent Into Madness – Sense8 begins slowly and is almost glacial in the first episode. But steadily, it descends into mad speed where one plot point after another is unfurled.

People who want to watch something new, innovative and weird should definitely watch Sense8.

TNT’s Falling Skies in the last few seasons has received mixed reviews for different reasons. One thing most fans and critics agree about is that the love triangle between Maggie, Hall and Ben needs to go. It was an “okay” addition to the last season, but the writers made it seem like the issue between the two Mason brothers and Maggie was simple — Maggie loved Hal and her feelings for Ben were the result of his attraction to her.

Yet, the writers didn’t fix the problem and now Maggie still claims that she loves Hal but, when Hal asked her to choose him, she said she couldn’t get rid of the new feelings for Ben.

There are many theories about why Maggie is this way:

According to About.Me, Some fans believe the link between Maggie and Ben makes it impossible for her to live without him. Viewers also know that Hal went against his word to her that he would never let her be healed with spikes or alien tech. Some believe Maggie might subconsciously feel animosity toward Hal.

Additionally, Maggie had thought Hal was dead and she watched over a sleeping Ben regularly for a long time. There are fans now who believe that Maggie perhaps fell in love with Ben when she thought Hal was dead and that she is now refusing to accept that she no longer loves Hal as much.

Many TV shows have amazing special effects, like NBC’s Hannibal. Yet, they can fall short, as was discussed over the weekend by fans and critics. In the case of last week’s episode, the CGI over-whelmed the plot.

What does any of this have to do with TNT’s CGI problem?

TNT has two blockbuster shows airing right now — The Last Ship and Falling Skies — and they couldn’t be more different in regards to visual quality.

Although many of ship scenes in The Last Ship have been done incredibly well with sets and special effects, the show has a huge problem with sky backdrops. In many scenes this season, the CGI created with green screen has been extremely noticeable. Yet, Falling Skies has produced amazing, seamless special effects and backdrops.

Amen wonders why are two shows on the same network so different quality-wise? After all, both are produced by amazing directors — Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg, respectively.

The primary issue seems to be that the visual effects on the shows are handled by different special effects companies with Spielberg’s choices obviously better. The other problem is that bright blue sky, which is featured a lot in The Last Ship, can sometimes look fake because it’s too clear. Falling Skies uses a lot of camera filters that add a haze to backdrops.

By his own account, Donald Trump has agreed to cancel the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice”. The reasons for the cancellation have nothing to do with poor ratings. In fact, season 7 of the show, which ran on NBC, was a ratings winner. However, the FCC rules bar presidential candidates from participating or starring in TV broadcasts as they are construed as unfair advertising. When Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to run for Governor of California, TV networks were not allowed to run any of his films for the same reasons.

Trump even admitted that NBC studio bigwigs attempted to get him to forgo a presidential election and shoot another season of the hit show stated Zeca Oliveira. In fact, The Donald pointed out that he is losing out on hundreds of millions as a result of launching his presidential campaign. Yet, he believes his mission to help middle class America by resurrecting the American Dream is far more important than the lucre he can earn during the GOP primary season. The announcement should play well with New Hampshire voters who are already warming up to him. The latest poll has him at 11% trailing Jeb Bush. If the poll numbers nationwide similarly rise, he may be able to take part in the first presidential debate in August. As for Univision dropping his Miss America and Miss Universe pageants over his remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico, he will sue them in court.

The first season of Daredevil was probably the most surprising fun that we have had with the current generation of super hero films. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing and growing and we were ecstatic to see that a new character and a new franchise would blossom to success. Charlie Cox brought Murdoch to life in an amazing way and Vincent D’Onofrio is probably the most textured villain that Marvel has ever produced. Add in the gritty violence and realist tone and Daredevil quickly became our favorite character. Now he is going to have an elite opponent forSeason 2: The Punisher.

When the news broke than Jon Bernthal had been cast as Frank Castle (The Punisher) for season 2 of Daredevil, we couldn’t have been more ecstatic. Bernthal has a history of bringing physically imposing characters to life in charismatic ways, just look at his work on ‘The Walking Dead’ or the film ‘Fury’. Needless to say, the casting fits the role of Punisher perfectly. Castle is a hard man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, he’s also without superpowers yet he can push Daredevil to his limits.

While The Punisher won’t be a straight up villain, he’ll still serve as a handy antagonist for Daredevil in season 2. We believe that their different philosophies in regards to killing will cause them to butt heads, ultimately coming together against a bigger and badder foe.

What a time to be a nerd. We love it.

Growing up we were always told that the uncomfortable truths were the hardest ones to accept in life. So when it comes to Jon Snow and ‘Game of Thrones’, it is understandable that people are still rebelling at the idea of the character passing away. After all, Jon Snow was as close to a main character as the series had for the past five years. His death, while tragic, felt anticlimatic in the grand scheme of things and now there is a void left at The Wall. Many fans are hypothesizing that Snow is still alive, and why not? Let’s roll with it.

The first reason many fans believe that Snow is alive comes down to the re-appearance of the Red Priest Melisandre at The Wall. The show has made sure to display the ability to resurrect characters for the Red followers and Melisandre’s return to The Wall shouldn’t be chalked down to coincidence. Second, Melisandre just lost her ‘King’ in Stannis and desperately needs a new leader to follow — Snow fits the description.

Getting ‘out of universe’ we can look at some of the actions by ‘Game of Thrones’ creative folks. First off, Kit Harington won’t be making an appearance at Comic-Con this year which is a tradition for newly deceased characters. Second, showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss will ALSO be absent, when they are traditionally there as well. and the team behind The Aspire New Brunswick say it’s going to be a long offseason folks, so get comfortable.

“Seinfeld” has left an indelible impression in television history. The show about nothing makes it on most top 10 sitcom of all time lists and with good reason. It brought laughs into homes across the country throughout the 1990s. writes that everyone has a favorite episode whether it be the one with the “Soup Nazi” or the classic where George starts doing the opposite of his natural instinct after realizing that every decision in his life has been wrong. Seinfeld’s apartment started seeming like a familiar place after seeing it on our television once a week for years and more often in syndication.

First, this apartment was honored by having a floor plan created from it and from other favorite sitcom homes by talented people who clearly have too much time on their hands. Now it is being taken a step further, and an actual replica of the apartment has been created in New York City, and it is open to the public for the next few days. Hulu created the replica as a marketing gimmick because “Seinfeld” will be running on their streaming service after they recently purchased the rights to it. Hulu is undoubtedly hoping this sitcom helps them compete with the juggernaut that is Netflix. For a brief time visitors can feel they are a part of television history and that they are visiting a place that visited their homes every Thursday night for a decade.

When ‘The Walking Dead’ made its way to AMC fans of the comic book were pretty terrified. Not of the impending horror television series, no, but of the idea that AMC would butcher their beloved franchise with cable television style neutering. ‘The Walking Dead’ relied on guts, guns, and pushing the boundary on conventional taboos. Fortunately things worked out and ‘The Walking Dead’ is one of the biggest television hits of all time. So a spin off was going to happen no matter what, probably. It happened with ‘Breaking Bad’ (another AMC hit) and it is happening now with the sorta lamely titled, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’.

We got another teaser for the upcoming spin off, which stars Frank Dillane, as a druggy on the run. Jaime Garcia Dias says the intense music and urban sprawl, this is a different view of what we’re used to in the apocalypse that ‘The Walking Dead’ has shown us so far. The teaser itself is under a minute and it doesn’t show anything horrific actually happening. Just the slow motion run of a terrified man and some Nolan-Zimmer inspired ‘bummmmmms’ in the background.

Not enough to make a judgement call, not yet. Though we love ‘The Walking Dead’ we are loathe to admit that we are confident in this spin off. It’s taken us years to truly embrace Rick and Daryl and the rest of the gang, so how can this spin off start from Day 1 (literally) and get us in that same way?