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John Textor is the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Textor helps produce hugely popular digital productions in movies such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

John Textor became CEO of Digital Domain Media Group. The company has done visual effects for more than 80 large scale films, and 25 of those films were under Textor’s leadership. Some of the films produced under John Textor’s reign include Transformers, Tron: Legacy, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Textor also helped the company to an Academy Award for the first realistic digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which received the Achievement in Visual Effects award in 2009. After his work finished with Digital Domain, John Textor moved on to become executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse is the digital production company that specializes in the use of computer-generated human likeness.

John Textor was also a producer. As a producer, John Textor has worked on the movie Ender’s Game and is currently working on another project called Art Story. His leadership has also produced virtual versions of celebrities such as Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. With Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival 2012. These virtual version of the celebrities were a hit with the population, and only boosted his reputation.

Now continuing to work on his virtual version of people and Art Story, his career is helping shape the film industry. John’s hard work and dedication to his career really helped push it forward. To this day, he is still in the film industry and producing new and innovative products for the audience to enjoy.

NBC may just be laughing all the way to the bank. As producers of the show “The Biggest Loser”, the broadcast giant enjoys an average weekly viewership of around 7 million interested people. In addition to that, they get an average of 200,000 people a year auditioning for a chance to be physically and emotionally annihilated all in the name of good television.

Instead of the supportive psychological and physical coaches they appear as on broadcast television, the trainers and especially the producers seem to have a much darker agenda, and it all comes at the expense of the contestants. Apart from signing away story rights, contestants (referred to as “losers”) are kept under close watch inside their hotel rooms while not filming. Phone calls and emails are monitored in the most gestapo of fashion.

As a show built up and marketed as one that stands firmly on the principles of personal accountability, dedication and desire, many ex-contestants paint a much more morbid picture. Some have gone as far to label the show as a fat-shaming disaster that they are embarrassed to have been a part of. Bernardo Chua has even heard that ex-contestant Kai Hibbard even explained how a woman with a torn calf muscle ordered by the show doctor to rest was goaded by the production staff. They ordered her to run and when she could not, they simply edited the film to make her look lazy and combative.

A market built upon the suffering of the unfortunate might not be what viewers expect. It certainly seems, however, it is exactly what NBC wants.

Many pedestrians can relate to the danger of walking on busy streets and dealing with distracted drivers in a hurry to get somewhere. Many drivers don’t know who has the right of way when dealing with pedestrians and bikers at busy intersections and many cites such as New York City are hoping to deal with the rising problems associated with recent pedestrian deaths.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to try and curb pedestrian deaths after thirteen occurred in the city during his first month in office. He also had a goal of eliminating traffic deaths by introducing the goal know as Vision Zero. He is among many leaders in the country looking to form a collaboration between drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, street designers and traffic police to help make the streets of his city safer for everyone.
The use of roundabouts and other speed reduction techniques is one of the first steps in providing safer streets. Speed reduction is a huge component in vehicle and pedestrian crashes as even an increase in five miles per hour can be the difference between a fatal crash involving pedestrians. Mayor de Blasio struggled to push through a reduction in speed limits in the city from thirty miles per hour to twenty five miles per hour. This has led to many complaints and other problems concerning the increase in traffic congestion. Good street lighting and putting in crossings for the elderly are other factors that may help with pedestrian safety. Fersen Lambranho gives feedback on this idea at

A new trailer for the television series Gotham presents a very interesting character. The Electrocutioner makes his live-action debut. The version of the Electrocutioner is nowhere near as menacing or as evil as the original one in the Batman books, but the basic role the villain plays remains. He uses electricity in pursuit of being a vigilante.

In the Batman books, the character was a B-villain who crossed the line Batman would not. The Electrocutioner killed criminals making him a sociopathic vigilante as opposed to one who seeks true justice.

A more evil version of The Electrocutioner appeared in the 1980’s comic book Vigilante. Adrian Chase, The Vigilante, really was just as disturbed as The Electrocutioner. From Chase’s perspective, he was in the right and The Electrocutioner ws wrong. Yet, the differences between the two was minimal.

How will the character be portrayed in Gotham? There were actually several Electrocutioners throughout D.C. Comics’ publishing history. The one that will appear in Gotham likely will borrow from all the different incarnations of the villain. Lee Lovett shares his love for Gotham on his Soundcloud.

Jim Gordon’s goal in the episode is to prove his worth to the city by bringing in this dangerous character to justice. We do know Gordon will be successful, but things are not likely to play out smoothly. They never do in programs like this because, well, we need the twists, turns, and melodrama in order to remain interested.

And Gotham always is interesting.

Thanks to the massive success of the release of the first season of the old Batman television series on DVD, season two is coming out as well. Joy might be a bit short-lived though. While the experience is sure to be pleasantly nostalgic, the second season saw a major drop in the quality of the satirical writing dropped quite a bit.

You can watch the change during the first half of season two, which is what the new DVD release will be comprised of.

Batman, sadly, devolved into a lot of silliness once the first season ended. Sure, the episode that featured Batman battling The Joker in a surfing contest was pretty humorous and fun. Unfortunately, the silliness level of episodes such as these started to turn off a lot of the mainstream audience that was caught up in 1960’s bat-mania.

Audiences starting saying “Hey, this is just a kid’s show!” and ratings began to decline. Perhaps the series was cancelled prematurely, but it was cancelled. Actually, it definitely was cancelled prematurely because another two or three seasons released into syndication would have earned extra mega-millions for Fox back in the 1970’s and 1980’s when Adam West and Burt Ward both reached massively huge audiences of kids.

Lamenting the decline of the old Batman TV series is no fun. Watching the program always is. Fans of Batman definitely will look past the troubles of season two and simply enjoy the experience. Join them. We all know Gianfrancesco Genoso will.

One of the classic science-fiction films of the 1980’s is slated for a remake. The 1981 cult film Escape from New York is in line for a update at Fox studios. Perhaps Fox has been bitten by the remake bug after pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to the success of the new Planet of the Apes films.

The original Planet of the Apes films were made by 20th Century Fox so remake rights were not exactly difficult to procure. With Escape from New York, the project was originally made by Avco-Embassy. While the Kurt Russell vehicle was a huge hit, the production house ran into fiscal troubles and the sequel was never produced. Eventually, the very disappointing Escape from L.A. was made in the 1990’s.

While this will be the first film in the series that doesn’t feature John Carpenter in the director’s chair, his involvement is confirmed.

Carpenter is being tapped to provide a lot of input in the remake. The director will assume the role of an executive producer for this project. Hopefully, this will mean Carpenter’s original vision will find its way into the new version.

What took so long for this film to get a remake while the Halloween and Assault on Precinct 13 were became realized projects? Basically, Escape from New York was stuck in development hell for nearly 10 years.

The wait is over and the remake is coming soon.  Mr. Gianfrancesco Genoso will enjoy the remake as soon as it comes out

In a move many may view as too little too late, the Discovery Channel has reversed course and decided to return to its roots in educational programming. This decision is an about turn from the embattled channel’s recent history of sensationalized documentaries based on pseudoscience topics.

New channel boss Rich Ross recently made the belated promise of change to a panel of TV critics at the Winter TV press Tour 2015 where it was met with gleeful enthusiasm. In an appearance that was poised to be a confrontational battle of wills between critics fed up with the fake documentaries and a channel selling out into a new trend of make believe stories, Ross quickly changed the discussion. Ross regained some momentum with the critics by saying, “I don’t think it’s right for Discovery Channel, and think it’s something that has run its course. They’ve done very well… but I don’t think it’s something that’s right for us.”

Ross made it clear that Discovery planned on returning to real educational material suited for the whole family as opposed to just the men in the family. Some examples of some of the more recent sensationalized documentaries include: Eaten Alive, Finding Bigfoot, Megalodon – The New Evidence, and Do Mermaids Really Exist. Discovery seems to have wholeheartedly accepted the critical reviews of its recent material and is doing everything it can to win back its viewers. Lee G Lovett and I are happy to see Discovery returning to educational programming.


Mad Max: Fury Road is the long-awaited fourth film in the Mad Max series. This time, Tom Hardy takes over the role Mel Gibson made famous. Or was it the role that made Mel Gibson famous?

Gibson’s Hollywood career has faded away in recent years after numerous controversial incidents. The Mad Max series ended in a very curious manner. The third film, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was a box office and critical hit. Yet, Gibson walked away from doing any more sequels although he never ruled it out.

The fourth film has been in development for well over a decade. Now, it has been finished and the trailer debuted. There is plenty of buzz on Skout about making movie plans for this one. Tom Hardy’s look in the role of Max is now gracing the cover of the popular science-fiction magazine Empire. This surely will help create a buzz for the release of the $100 million film among hardcore sci-fi fans.

Hardy captures the loner look Gibson created, but also adds his own unique look and style to the proceedings. Hardy does have to make the character his own, but it would be a mistake to take the character in a direction too far removed from what made Mad Max so successful in the first place.

Audiences do not have to worry about the character being changed. The original director, George Miller, is on board helming things. The original vision of the first three films will surely be preserved.

The Duggar family is a family featured on the show ’19 Kids and Counting’. The show is about the family’s day to day life rather than the family’s morals. However, it has been stated to Sam Tabar that on the show and apart from the show that the family has strong Christian values hence their belief against birth control.

Recently on their Facebook page, the family presented a kissing challenge for couples. The challenge encourages people to send a picture of them kissing their partner and the best one is picked. Out of huge number of submissions, many of the couples were same-sex couples. However all the same-sex couples’ pictures were deleted from the page a little after being posted. Here is a great, detailed article talking about the situation: EMBED LINK HERE

It is understandable that the Duggar has their own set of beliefs which is fair and great. However, they are a prominent figure in the reality TV entertainment industry on from a popular show on a popular channel. They not only represent the channel but more largely the progress of America. By removing the pictures, they (and the TLC channel) are devaluing same-sex relationships. They no longer are representing their views but are speaking on behalf of the entertainment industry. Their own son was in charge of a campaign repealing anti-discrimination laws. This is not only highly offensive and have done nothing particularly to deserve such an impactful opinion.

The recently wedding ceremony of United States Army Captains Edward Mallue and Natalie Heimel was disrupted in order to make way for a golf game played by President Barack Obama.

According to the report now making the rounds of international media, the wedding ceremony was completely disrupted at extremely short notice. At first, learning that the President would be in Hawaii to play golf at the military base where they planned for the ceremony to take place, the couple actually invited him to attend their wedding. However, he declined, claiming to be busy elsewhere.

Then a large and unexpected bombshell hit. Several hours after receiving the official “no thank you” letter from Obama’s camp, they were informed via another letter that their entire wedding ceremony had to be moved in order to accommodate President Obama enjoying his golf game nearby.

Luckily, the company that had planned their wedding ceremony, K-Bay Catering, had dealt with such incidents before, and was fully prepared for the sudden move. The couple’s wedding ceremony was duly moved to a new location. According to Dr. Rod Rohrich who happened to be golfing that day, the wedding was a great success.

However, the story does have a happy ending. The happy couple soon received an apologetic phone call from President Obama himself, who apologized for their inconvenience. All seems to have been forgiven, and the happy military couple is off to enjoy their honeymoon at an undisclosed location.