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Seattle Genetics is a premiere biotechnology company located in Washington. They have a main focus of cancer treatment with empowered monoclonal-antibody therapies. Their documented process is one of the best techniques used in the industry. Their secondary focus is the commercialization and further development of this technique. Founded in 1997, Clay B. Siegall functions as the co-founder, Chairman, President and CEO.

How the Company Views Itself

With over 650 employees and counting, their values never change. This is important in a results based business, and guarantees low employee retention. Seattle Genetics maintains a staff that is well trained and ahead of the curve. The corporate culture suits innovative employees that want to break the mold in science. They have also opened up their methods to criticism without any smoke screen. The Compliance Program is open to anyone that has any questions or complaints.

Clay B. Siegall Ph.D.

The good Dr. Siegall confounded the company after years of training as a scientist. His interests have always been cancer therapies and the innovation of necessary treatments. With his guidance, the company secured a 2011 FDA approval of ADCETRIS. It became their flagship product as a company and the basis for their research. As a global brand, it remains a high rated ADC on an international level. Earlier in his career, Dr. Siegall worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He also worked at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health.

Advancements & the Future

The rise of ADCETRIS has sent research into the new age. Their ADC has the ability to reduce toxic effects of chemotherapy. As a bonus it can also enhance the body’s ability to fight back against tumors. By building off of the success of their first product, they have plans for more. This will be one of many products in the ADCETRIS family. Seattle Genetics has made it a point to make the product available in over 65 countries. Exceeding expectations, there is no doubt that the next great ADC will come from their branch.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Championing Change in Venezuela
The name Jose Manuel Gonzalez is one that has been on the tongues of the Venezuelan people. This is partly owed to the fact that he is one of the most successful businessmen in Venezuela and partly because of his political ideologies.

His desires in life go beyond personal achievements. He is determined to see Venezuela change and change for the better, one of the reasons why he decided to join the politics of Venezuela. He served as the representative for Guarico State, in the National assembly of Caracas. During his time of service, he received a lot of opposition, mostly from other political leaders. This is because he was not afraid to boldly shame the government officials for their greed a d lack of passion for the people of Venezuela.

He is known to have made bold statements about the agricultural economics of the state. Jose Manuel Gonzales believes that the government is to be blamed for the poor agricultural state. He does not understand why there should be a food shortage in state with fertile lands and people well capable of farming. He simply gives the solution that the government should cease paying farmers peanuts for their produce. This way, they will not have to smuggle food to neighboring states. Also, the attractive compensation in farming would attract more people to venture into it. And, this would mean more food for the state.

He also advises the government to invest in mining oil instead of importing it at ridiculous prices. This would see to it that the state has reduced expenditure on imports, meaning more money will be spent on its people.

About Jose Manuel Gonzalez
Jose Manuel Gonzalez has had various leadership positions entrusted on his during his life. He was chairman of the FEDECAMARAS. He is also a renowned agriculturalist. With his experience in the various fields, he was able to make a superb representative for the people of Guárico state. He hopes to work with like-minded people to make Venezuela a better place where people are recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

Sanjay Shah, the founder and former CEO of Solo Capital has been marketing a new foundation, Autism Rocks. Solo Capital was a great success, and Sanjay Shah Denmark had made his millions a few years ago and since decided to retire and live in Dubai. But since leaving the business world, he’s wanted to bring awareness and sympathy to people with autism because his young son Nikhil is coping with it. Shah believes a lot of people see the bad in people with autism but don’t understand the good, and Autism Rocks has been instrumental in changing the perception of the illness and the people affected by it. Autism Rocks hosts days of games and fun, and concerts where renowned rap artists like Flo Rida and Tyga perform.

Well before he founded Autism Rocks, Shah was interested in helping people and empowering them to live life to the fullest. He wanted to become a doctor as a young man, but found out later that he didn’t quite have what it took. So Sanjay decided to help people in the financial and accounting industries. He did quite well, becoming a certified accountant and working for both Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. But he still wanted to do more that he felt he could not do with his current job.

Times became hard for Shah when the financial crisis of 2008 hit, and he soon found himself out of work when the banks started cutting back on employees. But he didn’t get discouraged, and instead took what little money he had and setup an office in a little shop building in London. His business became an investment services company, and in a short time he had earned a reputation for making wise investments with his clients money. Solo Capital took off and opened offices in Dubai as well as London.

Once Shah had made a large profit, he retired and spent time being a father and giving to charity. He cared deeply about his autistic son’s well being, that it led him to start his Autism Rocks foundation. Autism Rocks travels around the world and brings entertainment and a love for autistic children everywhere.

Jennifer L. Walden is considered one of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed cosmetic plastic surgeons in the nation. She is based in Austin,Texas and currently has a long waiting list of anxious prospective patients.
When it comes to improving and rejuvenating your facial appearance or other parts of your body,it is imperative to do your research and seek out the most renowned and experienced plastic surgeon that you trust, who will accomplish your desired results. There are also non-invasive skin enhancing interventions,such as skin smoothing and polishing laser treatments, dermal peels,fine lines eradicators and Botox, which are performed by every cosmetic surgeon.
The most requested elective surgical modifications in plastic surgery encompass breast augmentation, nose reconstruction,drooping eyelid lifts, liposuction, which is suctioning out adipose tissue and face and breast lifts.
Jennifer L. Walden is not only a prominent cosmetic plastic surgeon with an unsurpassed reputation in her field but is also a media analyst, scholastic spokesperson and is is the creator of Jennifer l. Walden PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center PLLC independent plastic surgery and surgery center in Austin,Texas with a branch in Marble Falls,Texas.
She commenced her illustrious career at Manhattan Eye,Ear,Throat Hospital where she received her fellowship in aesthetic surgery after graduating from University of Texas Medical Branch as an honor student. She worked in the borough of Manhattan almost seven years where she was involved in clinical assessments that revived silicone breast implants.
In 2014, Jennifer L. Walden was named one of 24 Best Plastic Surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar,and in December 2015 she was promoted as representative for ASAP’s in the Daily Mail for her attestation about labiaplasty. American Way has classified her as one of the Best Plastic Surgeons in America.
Jennifer L. Walden has also designed specific surgical instruments for breast surgery which are approved by Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments and is also recognized for her utilization and improvement of progressive technology in her implementation of Vectra 3-D science of visualization of the vagina prior to surgery and Therma Va a temperature contained radio amplitude method for constriction and revitalization of the vagina.
Walden is affiliated with Modern Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Practices Editorial Board of Directors.

When you think about parents and teachers interacting about the children you mainly think of the quarterly parent/teacher conferences or the note sent home from the teacher and possibly the occasional phone call to the parent. However, ClassDojo is changing all of this and is allowing a better communication platform between teachers and parents like never before.

Technology has made it possible that parents and teachers can communicate through this app regarding the child’s education and experiences at school on a regular basis. Teachers are able to send photos and videos of the child throughout the day as the child does reports or classwork and even as they go on field trips just to keep in touch with their activities of the day. This allows the parents to look into the child’s life at school like never before. Teachers and parents are able to use the ClassDojo app to text each other privately and communicate about anything regarding the child to better the child’s education.

This app also provides a calendar of events so that teachers and administration alike can share with the parents about upcoming events that are important. Parents can feel confident that they can stay up to date on things to attend and never miss something important.

The child has their own digital portfolio on the ClassDojo app which allows them to showcase their work through photos and videos for their parents to see. This only boosts the confidence in the child as they are able to choose what they want to display and have their work readily able to be viewed.

Approximately two-thirds of schools in the United States now have this app to help improve communication between parents and students and that number continues to grow. It is no wonder how widely popular this app is as it is bridged the gap in the lines of communication between parents and teachers alike and has only enhanced the learning experience for the child.

Class Dojo is opening the communication lines between parents and teachers and helps to provide a continuity in the education of the child as the parents can learn more about the what is learning in school at the time and feel better equipped at helping the child at home with the lesson. This app is changing the way the children are learning in a positive way as it is involving all parties in the process of learning.

Susan McGalla has changed the world of business as an executive consultant, president of a business, and all kinds of unique businesses. Known mainly for being the former president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc., she has become one business woman who has been helping businesses and start ups achieve success in the industry. She currently sits on the board of a company who publicly trades commercial real estate services.
A Humble Beginning

She started off working at Joseph Horne Company. She was originally just throughout different marketing and managerial positions for several years in the 90’s. Susan McGalla eventually joined the American Eagle Outfitters in those years. After working for the company in different manager related roles, she became the company. She eventually became a private consultant for different retail and financial investment industries and companies. She has changed the way businesses work their business and brands. She has worked as a director for strategic planning in most companies. She did not become president overnight. She gained her success with growth and time as she developed her success and understanding.

Susan McGalla received top of the training and education by gaining her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the Mount Union College. She still plays a major role in their business department as a college board advisor. She is now married to a wealth manager and works together with him on massively big projects throughout the financial industry.

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Susan P. McGalla: Executive Profile & Biography

When Susan McGalla Speaks You Have To Listen

She struggled with the business side of things at first because she was a woman. She lost a lot of respect in the industry, but she eventually got the opportunity to grow despite the prejudice that she was a woman. Susan is a business woman on who struggled along the way, but she landed great jobs along the way and the respect that she has already deserved. The biggest part about her life that she shares with people is to always work hard at getting a strong education for guidance.

Her education includes a bachelor’s degree that she truly achieved and worked hard for. SHe got the education that she has always wanted and needed. She has helped build multiple businesses, built a foundation for many brands, and also was the consultant for many people in the industry. Her work as a business consultant had saved the lives and businesses of countless people in the industry. Her knowledge on accounting, money, and growth is not easy. She has become the go-to source for all the issues that need to be resolved in the financial industry. Holding CEO positions and working for businesses that are lacking in their growth, Susan can say she is proud to be a person who has built businesses and helped them grow.

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Wengie opened up this particular video by quoting Leo Tolstoy and then showing off the marble color treatment of her fingernails, which alternated between black and white. She then showed off some parts of her boyfriend Jon’s room, where he demonstrated that he owns a custom-ordered large red Nike shoe box designed to store an entire collection of shoes and an American bottle of tequila containing a scorpion. Wengie then heads out to see the sights and visited a restaurant for some fish soup that featured large prawns.

Roughly 3 minutes into the video, Wengie explains that she’s going to a Singaporean cafe where the patrons can play with cats during their visit. After initially being directed towards a different cafe that focuses on dogs, Wengie and her entourage find the proper location. As her friend explains about the place, Wengie pans her camera up to the price list: $15 covers a patron’s entrance fee, drinks range from two to six dollars, and baked goods cost anywhere from two to nine dollars.

Wengie walks into the area where the cats are kept and several cat houses can be seen. Many of the cats Wengie encountered were naturally sleeping or otherwise unconcerned with their surroundings and the patrons until food bowls were placed onto the floor. The cafe also has some scaffolding for the cats to prowl about the higher levels of the area and satisfies their urge to find high places.

The video then jumps to Wengie and Jon eating a meal; Jon has a cheeseburger and Wengie has some Italian pasta in a tomato sauce. Later on, Jon breaks out a tub of coconut ice cream that is bigger than his head, followed by pulling out a handful of gummi multi-vitamins. Wengie tries one of the vitamins out and finds that the taste agrees with her.

Wengie jump cuts again to holding an issue of “Bartman,” a Bongo Comics “Simpsons” comic. She then goes on to describe her childhood and how everyone growing up would turn to television channel 10 at 6 in the evening to watch The Simpsons.

Brian Bonar is a very accomplished person. As an entrepreneur, he has become involved in many different professional endeavor. A significant number of those endeavors proved to be very successful. As CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar instituted management policies that contributed to the enterprise’s growth. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

His successes have been noticed in the industry. Receiving the honor of being heralded as Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance adds another distinguished achievement to his already impressive career biography.

The award is intended to highlight those professionals who are known for exceptional achievements. Bonar’s work for Dalrada aided in driving the success of the company’s primary mission: helping other businesses improve employee productivity. Bonar’s 30 years in the business world instills with him exceptional talents and insights. In a way, his talents extend to other businesses through the work performed by Dalrada.

Winning the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance truly is appropriate considering the broad reach of his accomplishments. His effective executive leadership of Dalrada extends into other companies by way of what Dalrada can do for these businesses.

Bonar’s success stories extend even beyond his current duties at Dalrada. In recent times, Brian Bonar procured a restaurant in San Diego County and gave the eatery a total overhaul. The interesting sojourn into a new business venture caught the attention of the media.

Not only did Brian Bonar receive high marks for his entrepreneurial spirit, the restaurant got good marks for its food. Yes, Brian Bonar’s Ph.D. has paid dividends in many respects. His well-versed knowledge in many fields has allowed him diversify his financial endeavors.

Bonar does show what a consistent desire to succeed is capable of delivering. Bonar also employs the deliberate approach of a talented manager to all his projects and executive positions. His honors and business successes do prove his instincts and approaches are on the right course.

Seasoned business owners know: It’s much easier to protect your image than to repair it. This is especially true in the age of social media. Here are five easy ways to protect your business’s online reputation.
1. The most important tip as revealed by Online Reputation Reviews is to check out the top search results. Be aware of what is being said about your company on Google – particularly on page 1 of Google and the top 20 search results, since most customers won’t search further than that.

2. Complete your social media profiles. Even if you don’t have an active social media strategy, you should still have accounts on the major social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. If your business revolves around a product or products, you should also have an Instagram account and a Pinterest account.

3. Manage your presence on sites such as Glassdoor. Invite past employees to post a positive review on Glassdoor, and even reward them for doing so.

4. Publish a press release. A customer story or a new product could be shared via a press release. Aim to issue at least one press release a month, but make sure it has meaningful content. Publish your press releases on Businesswire or PRNewswire – there’s a good chance a media outlet could pick up the story, further boosting your search results.

5. Be strategic about press releases and online reviews. Bad reviews on sites such as Yelp are inevitable, but if other search results overwhelmingly view your business in a positive light, it will help mitigate the damage done by a few disgruntled customers. Invite happy customers to leave a positive review. And, when your product or service is being reviewed by the media, stay close to the process to ensure that it is being covered in the best possible light.

Every business suffers a hit to its reputation once in a while, but by following the strategies above, you can minimize the damage.


There has been a lot of demand for healthcare services, but catering for the same through a personal plan has not been the best solution. Those who have tried insurance plans will refer to Medicare Advantage as one of the best ways to safeguard your healthcare. Medicare Advantage plans offer users the flexibility to choose how they want to receive healthcare and the extent they would like to be covered.

Medicare Advantage is offered through private insurance companies. The government submits monthly fixed payments to these companies, which in turn extend the favor to members of Medicare Advantage.

Who qualifies for a Medicare Advantage plan?
To qualify for enrollment you need to be in both Parts A and B of Medicare. There are, however, few issues that may disqualify an individual from enjoying the benefits offered by Medicare Advantage. Such include end-stage renal disease, so individuals with the condition may not be eligible to join Medicare Advantage plans. Additionally, you must also fulfill the geographical requirements of the program in the sense that you should be living in an area where the specific service you want is offered.

So, do you qualify for the plan? If you are eligible, just consider your preferences when choosing among the many plans available. There are also various restrictions that may make it challenging for you to fare well with some plans when compared to others. Your lifestyle too may determine the type of healthcare you will need often, hence your choice of a Medicare Advantage plan may be inspired by this.

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InnovaCare Health changing lives
Quality medical care is something every individual wants to access, but few avenues are available to guarantee the same. InnovaCare has managed to assure the residents of North America that accessing quality medical care does not have to cost a lot. InnovaCare has come up with cost-effective solutions that are backed by the inclusion of technology and innovation while offering managed healthcare services.

Working with a focused team of professionals has placed InnovaCare Health on its own lane in the provision of medical care. The presence of professionals like Dr. Shinto
has turned out to be a major achievement for InnovaCare. Dr. Rick Shinto is the current President and CEO. He has also chaired and managed other companies previously, emerging with an experience of more than 25 years. In his company is Penelope Kokkinides, who was selected to work as the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. These are professionals who have a proven record.