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Some “Supernatural” fans have argued that the last time the show was truly “great” was in Season 5. Many actually believe that the show has reached a point where new episodes are ruining its legacy of past greatness.

What’s the problem?

After a TV show runs past more than two seasons, and especially after it hits the seventh or more season, fans and critics usually experience fatigue and disinterest if the show doesn’t re-engage them with new or better ideas, such as complicated back stories, plot twists, etc. Although “Supernatural’s” ratings are high, and it sporadically offers interesting ideas, loyal fans have noticed a disturbing pattern of the creatives recycling the following concepts from season-to-season to such a high degree that they can usually predict a season’s ending:

Sam and Dean will prove themselves again to be in a selfish, dysfunctional relationship that creates chaos and gets other people killed according to Facebook fans. They will attempt to sacrifice themselves to save the world because they believe they’re the only ones who can do it. Yet, they are so co-dependent that they will be willing to cheat death at any cost and risk unleashing an even greater evil. Dean will be pulled toward this new evil by Sam’s arguments or something related to saving Sam.

This pattern has redundantly repeated so much that many reviewers will jokingly reference these concepts in a frustrated wink/nod sort of way.

David Letterman, who has been the face of “The Late Show” for the past 33 years, has finally said good-bye. The 68-year-old has hosted a late night show since 1982, starting with “Late Night with David Letterman”. The comedian was more than just a host for the 6, 028 episodes that he was a part of. Letterman would tell jokes but he also did much more than that. In the past he has done physical stunts such as wearing a suit made of Alka-Seltzer and jumping into a tank of water. However, as he got older, the pranks and trick subsided. The final episode of the show was emotional and full of celebrities saying their good-byes to Letterman.

Celebrities such as Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carey, Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Chris Rock, Peyton Manning, Kevin Seawright, and many other huge names were on stage to say their final farewells (photos on The final top ten list was one number at a time by Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carey, Chris Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Peyton Manning, Tina Fey, and Bill Murray.

Stephen Colbert, who hosted “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central, will be taking over hosting duties for Letterman this September. For the full story on Letterman’s last episode, check it out on The Daily Mail.

The two most iconic individuals from late night television over the past three decades have now retired and moved on. While Jay Leno officially called it quits less than a year ago, David Letterman recently went on the air for the final time on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Originally host of the nightly show following the Tonight Show on NBC, Letterman believed he would have the Tonight Show spot following the retirement of Johnny Carson. While hosting the show for an entire decade, the Tonight Show spot eventually went to Jay Leno, which caused a rift in the friendship between the two. Brian Torchin  speculated as to the severity of the show, and while the two have poked fun at one another from time to time, the two have also made warm comments regarding the two and their work together in recent years.

David Letterman had his final show on Tuesday night with several different popular guests appearing, including Bill Murry. David was also thanked by multiple late night show hosts on other networkings, including Jimmy Fallon, who now holds the job at NBC that David Letterman wanted to have so badly nearly three decades earlier. Regardless of this though, David is going out of the late night talk show business and is looking forward to his retirement, and as Tom Hanks speculated, he’ll probably be heading off to Space Camp as the first activity he does.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic book and executive producer of the television series has revealed a little bit about the characters in the spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead. Essentially, the new series centers on two remarried teachers and their family. A lot of family-oriented drama is going to emerge amidst the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse.

All of this sounds a bit like The Brady Bunch Meets Dawn of the Dead. Let us hope it is not that awful.

Okay, let us not jump the proverbial gun and deem the show awful because it is going to focus on characters. After all, the great success of The Walking Dead is the depth of the people on the show as opposed to the zombie mayhem. Yes, Sam Tabar acknowledges the zombie mayhem is important but it becomes extremely boring after a while. Upon being drawn into the lives of the characters, viewers find the series more compelling.

If the show becomes too much talk and melodrama at the expense of action and mayhem, well, then the series is also going to end up exceptionally boring. So, there always have to be a right mix of horror, action, and melodrama. And sure, a little comic relief does not hurt either.

Considering The Walking Dead blended various elements together nicely, there is no reason to assume Fear the Walking Dead will falter. We just have to wait for the show to debut to really find out.

The Simpsons TV show has lost the voice actor Harry Shearer. The voice of Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Otto, Mr. Burns, Smithers and more on The Simpsons has departed from the show. Using Twitter to share that he would not be returning to the classic, long-running show, Shearer informed others that he desired to work on other projects. He quoted the lawyer of James L. Brooks, writer and producer of The Simpsons, who allegedly stated that the “show will go on, Harry will not be part of it.”

This news came via The Verge that on the 27th and 28th seasons The Simpsons are due for entering production. Earlier this week, it was learned that Shearer was holding out on the signing of his contract. This caused a delay in the new seasons taping. Shearer stated that he wanted to be able to do other work, but it is still not clear about what is the meaning about his departure. TMZ claims that Shearer’s move may have something to do with the payments for Simpson’s merchandising payments since the voices appear in other shows, movies, and projects. The teams at BibleMoneyMatters and FreedomPop Review all know that with Shearer’s departure, this means a huge loss of characters for The Simpsons.

In the latest promo for Season 3 of NBC’s “Hannibal,” fans are given a quick glimpse of Abigail Hobbs dressed in an exquisite dark brown jacket and a white satin blouse or scarf with darker hair or a hood and smokey eye make-up. She says to someone, “He’s playing with us.” The way the promo is edited, viewers are made to assume that this someone is Will since in the next scene he says, “Always.”

Is NBC misdirecting fans?

Abigail nearly died when her birth father, Garret Jacob Hobbs, cut her throat in Season 1 recalled fan Brad Reifler (MarketWired article snapshot). At the end of Season 2, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, arguable her “adopted” father, slit her throat to punish Will. As the episode ended, Abigail’s neck gushed blood. Will tried to stop it, but Hannibal had gutted Will and he lost his strength and let go of Abigail’s neck. There is the thin possibility that Abigail did survive: Only seconds passed before the emergency response team that Will had called when he found Alana showed up.

If Abigail is alive, she’s very lucky.

Of course, the other option is that Will is hallucinating her presence as he did when he was in prison. Although Bedelia asks Hannibal in the promo whether he is trying to draw “them” to him, the “them” could mean anyone from the “Hannibal” universe. Additionally, all of the other scenes show Will searching for Hannibal alone.

You really do have to give Stephen Amell kudos. He’s the star of the hit series Arrow and really doesn’t have to do a flagging television show any favors. Yet, the heroic star has offered to make a guest appearance on Constantine and help the program experience a decent boost in the ratings. Hopefully, the ratings boost will be enough to get Constantine a renewal for a second season.

Constantine has had its ups and downs in terms of viewership. The network is not sure what to do with it. Some executives want it renewed, others want it canceled, some feel a movie from NBC to SyFy is the best option. The show-runners have made some really intriguing pitches. Still, the fate of the series has not been decided. An eventual answer is going to come down soon.

FreedomPop Review wonders if the appearance of Amell would help with the ratings? Sure, the ratings would likely get a one-shot boost as Arrow fans turn in to check out their favorite hero on a new show. The number of them sticking around to watch episodes of Constantine without Amell is likely to be minimal. Why aren’t they watching Constantine now? Likely, the supernatural anti-hero theme is just not their bag.

While the world is still focused on Kylie and Tyga’s age differences, we also are still recovering from a messy month of baby mama drama and the hurtful wakeup call Kylie has when Tyga’s ex posted photos of him texting her begging her to work thing out and start over.

The last anyone knew, Tyga’s attempt to win Kylie back with a name tattoo didn’t work and the two were still not on speaking terms. Kylie and Tyga may have been having some issues lately, but they seemed to have put the drama behind them to fly into New York and enjoy the Met Gala after parties. Kylie is obviously too to attend the actual Met Gala, so she stayed behind and flew out later during the day with Tyga just in time to attend some killer after parties friend Ray Lane explained (Forbes).

Judging from the photos Kylie and Tyga had a great time and so did big sister Kendall. Both Kylie and Tyga were dressed down comfortably for their late night flight and also seemed just as relaxed during their evening of party hopping. On her way back to LA from her wild night, Kylie tweeted a photo of her sneakers saying she was over heels. Of course Kylie has never been big on dressing up so it would seem that she’s found her match with Tyga.

The Kardashians are the most famous people in the world, and they are not even talented. However, it cannot be denied that the Kardashian women are beautiful. Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian are the most fantasized and talked about women on the planet. But it was Kim who made the last name famous, and Bruce Jenner also added some notoriety to the Armenian family. reviewers said the Kardashians have been starring in their very own reality show for the last 7 years on the E! network. People quickly found out that the other Kardashian girls were as beautiful and funny as Kim. Fans of the show grew attached to Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, and soon these women became stars of their own.

Kourtney and Khloe got their very own reality show spin-off, but it was not as popular as ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ Kourtney has settled down with her long time boyfriend Scott, and they are the proud parents of three children. Kourtney recently had another baby, and she has been working out like a woman possessed. The reality star has posted several pictures of herself on Instagram, and she looks amazing. However, people became a bit worried when they saw that Kourtney now only weighs 116 lbs. Kourtney replied to the criticism, and she says that people need to stop worrying. She does have a point, because she is a tiny woman. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

On Sunday, April 19, fans of AMC’s Mad Men found themselves one step closer to the end of an era. The episode, titled “Forecast,” focused on transition, change and people’s dreams.

Don’s real estate agent reiterated more than once during the episode that his apartment looked like a sad, failure lived in it. Even Roger spoke badly of Don’s appearance and attitude before asking Don to write a speech about the direction the company would be taking over the next few years. Don, who has been struggling to determine his own direction, then sought help from the rest of the employees only to learn that they really did not have clear ideas beyond personal work goals.

Peggy stated she wanted to create something that would last. Don assumed she only meant fame, but there seemed to be an indication she has been thinking about children. When Don wanted her to explain, she angrily asked him to write down his dreams so she could be equally judgmental.

Joan had success on her business trip and met a new man at a Bulletproof Coffee house. The episode also explored Vietnam with a grown-up Glenn deciding to go after Betty refused his advances. Beyond Betty’s mature decision, Don also showed a much more mature attitude then when the series started by telling Sally she could be more than just a pretty face after one of her friends hit on him.