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The upswing in digital media is amazing and it’s time for businesses to tap into how they can create more innovative products and services as well as market them to their clients. Entrepreneur Mike Baur, the Co-Founder and managing partner of the SSUF chose to promote his venture through the Goldbach Digital Group. This event was to promote SSUF and the Fusion Accelerator joint venture and how they are helping entrepreneurs. The event was designed to help pitch investors to find out who would like to take a shot at investing in five of the teams that were present.


The event in Kunsnacht was also important to showcase these teams and the accelerator program to other interested parties. These teams were in the program for three months, and they were tested and focused on preparing for a presentation to investors. The ideas presented at the Goldbach group were in an exclusive setting and the young startups had access to the best and brightest minds in the fintech industry. One of the highlighted teams, Beacon Mind had already received funding after going through the program with Goldbach. Beacon Mind came to hear the presentations and see how they could help the young entrepreneurs get their start.


Marc Forster was also present along with Andy Gall from Red Bull. They discussed the latest developments in the entertainment industry and how innovation plays an important role in every young startup. An interview was done with Mike Baur, and the intention was to share his insights as well the insights of Martin Redelfinger from the Goldbach Group. All of these entrepreneurs that have experience were coming forward to share their inspiration as well as to share how these young companies can move forward and continue to grow their companies.


 Mike Baur, the Co-Founder and managing partner of SSUF is the reason these collaborations are taking place in Switzerland. When he started this venture in 2014, he knew that it was time to do something different. Baur also wanted to take what he knew and share it with others in order to better the world of business and help young startups get what they needed. Along with wise counsel on startups, Baur also is able to help these young companies learn more about legal, design, and other areas of their business as well. Baur and his team from SSUF have been running their accelerator program in order to help these companies launch as quickly as possible with the right tools and resources.



People like Brian Bonar are truly diamonds in the rough. What makes them special is their longevity. If they were not any good at their job, they would have been gone a long, long time. However, the fact he has stayed in the financial sector for almost thirty years speaks volumes.

This is a man that has seen a lot, experienced a lot, and lived to tell about it. It shows a devotion to what he is doing and a love for what he is doing. Someone does not spend thirty years at a job if they do not truly get up in the morning and love doing it.

The passion shows in his work and his leadership abilities. One of the things he takes great pride in his helping out someone that is just starting out. Because he has so much experience, he loves to give back to someone that is just getting their feet wet. He is not one of those paranoid types that is looking over his back and worried this person is going to take his job.

That is not the way he operates or the way he thinks. That is just one of many reasons why he won the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance for his work at Dalrada Financial Corporation as Chairman and CEO. He has put in the time and those that really know what is going on know that he is an exceptional worker.

One must keep in mind that this award is only given out to two men and two women each year. In order to receive it, someone must be pretty special and they can’t just be another ordinary employee. Brian Bonar is always looking for ways to help the company improve.

He also relies on the workers around him. If he was running the show all by himself, he would burn himself out pretty quickly. He is smart enough to know that there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help and reaching out to the team. They are there to help and it makes them feel quite valued that Brian Bonar respects their opinion.

One of the things he takes the most pride in is the fact that the company has only grown since he has been in charge for a decade. The worst thing a company can do is go backwards or simply fall behind with the times. They will then get lost in the shuffle and they won’t have a leg to stand on.

Brian preaches improvement and the importance of improving each and every single day. There is no need to be satisfied or content with what has been accomplished when there is more to do in the future.

Betting is sometimes compared to drugs. The thought of betting and winning big is known to give people adrenalin rushes. When it comes to sports betting, often there are “favorites” and “underdogs.” The “favorites” are the strongest team or individual that is likely to win the contest while the “underdog” is the converse.

When one team or an individual in a sport is stronger than the other, many people will tend to bet on the stronger team to win as opposed to the weaker team or individual. This, in turn, has led to low odds placed on the strong team and greater odds placed on the weak team to mitigate against big losses by the betting companies. Sports bookies such as Covers use a portion of the losing bets to pay the winning bets and hence they are exposed to the risk of major losses if too many bets are placed on one team.

To mitigate this risk, the sports bookies offer “spread bet” which takes into account the margin of victory in the game to determine the winners and losers of the bet. Spread betting odds from college football to March Madness odds works if the “favorite’s” win is greater than the minimum margin of victory. This phenomenon is called “covering the spread” and those who have bet on them will surely win money. People who bet on the “underdog” win money if the underdog wins the game or if the “underdog” loses but the margin of loss is less than the spread.

We share some tips on “covering the spread” in college basketball. Below we will focus on leading sports Bookies, Covers. They offer some of the best odds in college basketball:

1. Maximize potential return on investment. This is a golden rule in betting. The aim is making sure you make the maximum amount of money while at the same time keeping the risk level down.

2. Prepare for a bet as an investment opportunity. Professional bettors place bets based on their intellect and research to ensure their betting decisions are as informed as possible as opposed to betting with their hearts.

3. Don’t be lazy. Make self-conscious decisions. There are hundreds of betting tips on the internet today, and they are easy to spot. Do not blindly rely upon what those tips suggests, do your research.

4. Don’t be greedy. Rarely do you see a $10 investment generate a $1000 return. That kind of return is purely based on luck, therefore, watch what you bet on. Always have realistic expectations on investments based on the amount you’re investing in.

By following the tips above on Covers, you will surely have an edge when it comes to college basketball. All the best.

Relaxation: something that many New Yorkers struggle to find whether they are running the floors on Wall Street or racing through the fashion district. It is nearly impossible to find a moment of peace and quiet in the city that never sleeps. Tarallucci e Vino has set out on the nearly impossible mission of creating a private event space that is intended for relaxation. This is something that is comfortable for all people and will suit any type of party. Birthday parties, retirement celebrations and even work-related events will fit in well with the environment that is set up at Tarallucci e Vino.

The Union Square location is one that is accessible to nearly all New Yorkers. The centralized location is perfect for many different types of parties and offers the opportunity to get the intimate feel or the luxurious feel while not compromising on either. It is a great space for people to relax and can fit two different types of parties. These spaces are vastly different but they provide just what the event planners and the party goers are looking for when they step through the gilded doors of Tarallucci e Vino.

The mezzanine is toward the bottom of the building. It is a small space that is able to fit up to 30 people in it at one time. It is comfortable, it is relaxing and it is filled with plush furniture and comfort tones. Guests will be able to relax in style while they are eating the best Italian fusion comfort foods from the world class chefs in the mezzanine. They can even enjoy a glass (or bottle) of wine that has come directly from Tarallucci e Vino private wine cellar in the basement of the building. The atmosphere is purely relaxing and delicately Italian.

For parties that are slightly larger but no less intimate, the Loft on the 6th Floor provides ample space to be able to get into the festivities. The chefs are able to cater parties from 50 to 120 people while they are in this space. This gives them the opportunity to be able to host larger birthdays and even work events. The loft, while larger, is still relaxing. The bar is made of real wood, the tables were custom made for the space and the neutral tones of all the furnishings in the building help guests feel like they are in a charming Italian farmhouse instead of in Union Square.

While the cuisine is distinctly Italian, there are also fusion elements that are injected into the recipes. The chefs take a modern twist to classic dishes and serve them up for one of the most unique experiences in the city. These recipes, in combination with the environment, make the Tarallucci e Vino space feel less like a location that is designed specifically for events and much more like one of the many 5-star restaurants that even the upper echelon has a hard time getting into while they are in New York City.

Visit their website to learn more about private events:

Makari products are a natural alternative to various skin treatments including skin whitening, bleaching, skin lightening and fading blemishes and acne marks. They also hydrate the skin and open up the skin pores. The result is an even skin tone that is bright, smooth and young looking. Makari skin products have a number of benefits that users enjoy as they continue consuming them.

The products assist in preventing skin dryness. Makari skin lightening products are highly moisturized and some are even made specifically for people with dry skin types. The Makari Exclusive Toning Milk is an example of such products that prevent skin dryness. It works to get rid of sunburns and fades scars. Its continuous use gives the skin a bright look. The Caviar Face cream is also a super moisturizer that improves the texture of the skin by rendering it soft and brightening it. The Makari Caviar soap works as a facial cleanser that prevents dryness.

Makari products are also manufactured to fight acne. The Clear Acnyl Cream is an example. It clears acne by cleansing the skin pores thus keeping the skin clear. It also gets rid of pimples and blackheads by controlling production of sebum in skins where it is in excess. This results in a clear and smooth skin. It is long lasting since it is only required to be applied in small amounts. The Purifying Tonic is used to prevent acne. It cleanses the skin from within thus cubing acne breakouts. It is usable by all skin types for a healthy, moisturized and young looking skin.

Products with skin calming ingredients are also available. An example is the Eucerin skin calming cream that is gentle and stops itchiness of the skin while at the same time preventing the dryness it comes with. It is manufactured with non-harsh and natural ingredients like oatmeal. The Calming Toner soothes the skin all day long by hydrating it. It is alcohol free and contains natural ingredients like leaf juices from sea aloes and radish root extracts. The Makari Baby Cleansing Milk also has such ingredients to moisturize and protect the soft baby skin.

A word that gets thrown around a lot and for good reason is the word fun on Youtube. When people are having fun, they are truly getting the most out of life and the most out of each and every day. If there is a company that is all about having fun, it is JustFab, created by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They have created a fun fashion company for women that allows them to pick and choose accessories, handbags, and shoes that fit their ever-changing lifestyle on They have done this for a reason and that is to make fashion fun again and to make it something that women look forward to and truly enjoy at the end of the day.

Adam Goldenberg have even commented on how the fashion industry is an industry that sometimes takes itself a little too seriously and that is very true. People get judged, criticized, and labeled a certain way because of the way they dress. Whose right is it to tell anyone how they should dress and what is their sense of style? Everyone should be allowed to live life the way they see fit and in a way that makes them feel comfortable and like they are being their own self without any limitations on

All of this comes every month for the low price of $39.95 and JustFab has teamed up with some of the biggest fashion leaders out there to make sure this is a product that is really going to hit home with women and make a true difference. They know that fashion is something is quite powerful. A lot of women and men too take a lot of time and effort into putting together their wardrobe. It sends out a message as to what they want to say to the world about how they look and feel.

A lot of self image comes from it, as well, and Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler want to empower women and make them feel not only good about themselves, but great. Even though no one should tell anyone how to dress, in case anyone is a little confused or unsure what to wear, Goldenberg offer fashion boards and a community where women can get together and talk about fashion and have communication about it. It brings women together and they can inspire each other. Everyone needs a fashion buddy and someone that can guide them while staying true to what is in their heart.

Seattle Genetics is a premiere biotechnology company located in Washington. They have a main focus of cancer treatment with empowered monoclonal-antibody therapies. Their documented process is one of the best techniques used in the industry. Their secondary focus is the commercialization and further development of this technique. Founded in 1997, Clay B. Siegall functions as the co-founder, Chairman, President and CEO.

How the Company Views Itself

With over 650 employees and counting, their values never change. This is important in a results based business, and guarantees low employee retention. Seattle Genetics maintains a staff that is well trained and ahead of the curve. The corporate culture suits innovative employees that want to break the mold in science. They have also opened up their methods to criticism without any smoke screen. The Compliance Program is open to anyone that has any questions or complaints.

Clay B. Siegall Ph.D.

The good Dr. Siegall confounded the company after years of training as a scientist. His interests have always been cancer therapies and the innovation of necessary treatments. With his guidance, the company secured a 2011 FDA approval of ADCETRIS. It became their flagship product as a company and the basis for their research. As a global brand, it remains a high rated ADC on an international level. Earlier in his career, Dr. Siegall worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He also worked at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health.

Advancements & the Future

The rise of ADCETRIS has sent research into the new age. Their ADC has the ability to reduce toxic effects of chemotherapy. As a bonus it can also enhance the body’s ability to fight back against tumors. By building off of the success of their first product, they have plans for more. This will be one of many products in the ADCETRIS family. Seattle Genetics has made it a point to make the product available in over 65 countries. Exceeding expectations, there is no doubt that the next great ADC will come from their branch.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Championing Change in Venezuela
The name Jose Manuel Gonzalez is one that has been on the tongues of the Venezuelan people. This is partly owed to the fact that he is one of the most successful businessmen in Venezuela and partly because of his political ideologies.

His desires in life go beyond personal achievements. He is determined to see Venezuela change and change for the better, one of the reasons why he decided to join the politics of Venezuela. He served as the representative for Guarico State, in the National assembly of Caracas. During his time of service, he received a lot of opposition, mostly from other political leaders. This is because he was not afraid to boldly shame the government officials for their greed a d lack of passion for the people of Venezuela.

He is known to have made bold statements about the agricultural economics of the state. Jose Manuel Gonzales believes that the government is to be blamed for the poor agricultural state. He does not understand why there should be a food shortage in state with fertile lands and people well capable of farming. He simply gives the solution that the government should cease paying farmers peanuts for their produce. This way, they will not have to smuggle food to neighboring states. Also, the attractive compensation in farming would attract more people to venture into it. And, this would mean more food for the state.

He also advises the government to invest in mining oil instead of importing it at ridiculous prices. This would see to it that the state has reduced expenditure on imports, meaning more money will be spent on its people.

About Jose Manuel Gonzalez
Jose Manuel Gonzalez has had various leadership positions entrusted on his during his life. He was chairman of the FEDECAMARAS. He is also a renowned agriculturalist. With his experience in the various fields, he was able to make a superb representative for the people of Guárico state. He hopes to work with like-minded people to make Venezuela a better place where people are recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

Sanjay Shah, the founder and former CEO of Solo Capital has been marketing a new foundation, Autism Rocks. Solo Capital was a great success, and Sanjay Shah Denmark had made his millions a few years ago and since decided to retire and live in Dubai. But since leaving the business world, he’s wanted to bring awareness and sympathy to people with autism because his young son Nikhil is coping with it. Shah believes a lot of people see the bad in people with autism but don’t understand the good, and Autism Rocks has been instrumental in changing the perception of the illness and the people affected by it. Autism Rocks hosts days of games and fun, and concerts where renowned rap artists like Flo Rida and Tyga perform.

Well before he founded Autism Rocks, Shah was interested in helping people and empowering them to live life to the fullest. He wanted to become a doctor as a young man, but found out later that he didn’t quite have what it took. So Sanjay decided to help people in the financial and accounting industries. He did quite well, becoming a certified accountant and working for both Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. But he still wanted to do more that he felt he could not do with his current job.

Times became hard for Shah when the financial crisis of 2008 hit, and he soon found himself out of work when the banks started cutting back on employees. But he didn’t get discouraged, and instead took what little money he had and setup an office in a little shop building in London. His business became an investment services company, and in a short time he had earned a reputation for making wise investments with his clients money. Solo Capital took off and opened offices in Dubai as well as London.

Once Shah had made a large profit, he retired and spent time being a father and giving to charity. He cared deeply about his autistic son’s well being, that it led him to start his Autism Rocks foundation. Autism Rocks travels around the world and brings entertainment and a love for autistic children everywhere.

Jennifer L. Walden is considered one of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed cosmetic plastic surgeons in the nation. She is based in Austin,Texas and currently has a long waiting list of anxious prospective patients.
When it comes to improving and rejuvenating your facial appearance or other parts of your body,it is imperative to do your research and seek out the most renowned and experienced plastic surgeon that you trust, who will accomplish your desired results. There are also non-invasive skin enhancing interventions,such as skin smoothing and polishing laser treatments, dermal peels,fine lines eradicators and Botox, which are performed by every cosmetic surgeon.
The most requested elective surgical modifications in plastic surgery encompass breast augmentation, nose reconstruction,drooping eyelid lifts, liposuction, which is suctioning out adipose tissue and face and breast lifts.
Jennifer L. Walden is not only a prominent cosmetic plastic surgeon with an unsurpassed reputation in her field but is also a media analyst, scholastic spokesperson and is is the creator of Jennifer l. Walden PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center PLLC independent plastic surgery and surgery center in Austin,Texas with a branch in Marble Falls,Texas.
She commenced her illustrious career at Manhattan Eye,Ear,Throat Hospital where she received her fellowship in aesthetic surgery after graduating from University of Texas Medical Branch as an honor student. She worked in the borough of Manhattan almost seven years where she was involved in clinical assessments that revived silicone breast implants.
In 2014, Jennifer L. Walden was named one of 24 Best Plastic Surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar,and in December 2015 she was promoted as representative for ASAP’s in the Daily Mail for her attestation about labiaplasty. American Way has classified her as one of the Best Plastic Surgeons in America.
Jennifer L. Walden has also designed specific surgical instruments for breast surgery which are approved by Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments and is also recognized for her utilization and improvement of progressive technology in her implementation of Vectra 3-D science of visualization of the vagina prior to surgery and Therma Va a temperature contained radio amplitude method for constriction and revitalization of the vagina.
Walden is affiliated with Modern Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Practices Editorial Board of Directors.