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The CW’s newest series, “The Flash” is already off to an amazing start. The pilot episode drew in the most viewers for a premiere on the network in five years since “The Vampire Diaries” debuted. According to Neilson’s estimates (via Variety) the show has “an average audience of 6.8 million.” This is the largest number of viewer’s the CW has seen on a show since that “America’s Next Top Model” season finale where Laurene Powell Jobs was judging back in 2007.

According to the report, with all platforms and digital streams combined and unduplicated viewers on air, the first two airings of the series during its debut week of Oct. 7 was viewed over 13 million times.

Produced by Bonanza Productions, “The Flash” stars Grant Gustin in the lead role, and follows the story of his character, forensic scientist Barry Allen, who awakes from a coma after being struck by lightening and discovers he has attained superhuman speed. It airs every Tuesday at 8/7 central on the CW.

This might might seem like a ridiculous question at first glance, but it needs to be asked. Are movie theaters going to shutter up and close?

Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that has grossed $646 million dollars so far this year. People flock to movie theaters for dozens of major releases each year, even with ticket prices reaching the $13 range. Movies in September alone raked in $513 million.

According to Box Office Mojo that $513 million figure is actually an 11% drop from last year. Couple that with the news that Adam Sandler just signed a four-picture deal with Netflix and you get a picture of a potential shift.

People are becoming more comfortable watching films and TV on their laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The old model of releasing a film in theaters and then on DVD is suddenly being challenged.

Movie studios were quick to respond. Chains such as Regal have declared they will not carry films that are released on Netflix first.

As home TVs get bigger and home sound systems get more elaborate, people are starting to have the “big screen experience” at home. While some might say that there is a charm to going to a theater with 100 other people and enjoying a film together, let’s not forget the negatives. Expensive food, annoying teenagers, cramped seats, the glow of cellphones and technical difficulties can often make a customer sorry they came. At home, the environment can be controlled.

Adam Sandler’s films may be critically reviled, but people pay to see them. This move may be the first step towards a change in culture and Sandler may one day be hailed as a visionary. Consider it reparations for what he did to Al Pacino’s career in Jack and Jill.

The Flash is set to debut on Tuesday, and in anticipation the CW has released what’s set to be it’s final trailer for the show:

Awesomeness. I’m really excited for this. Jared Haftel and I are going to be absolutely glued to the screen.

Plus the trailer shows some great previews for what we can expect in the interactions between The Flash and Green Arrow during the crossover episode. Not to mention what’s going to happen when Flash faces off against some of his comic villains.