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A few days after news broke that Netflix was negotiating with Warner Bros. TV to resurrect the A&E show calledLongmire which has been canceled. However, when the news broke, the negotiations were more advanced than originally believed to be. An announcement was made by Netflix that a fourth season of Longmire which will last for 10 episodes is currently being developed for Netflix. 

This is actually nothing different from the other seasons which had between 10 and 13 episodes. There is no word as to the premiere date of the next season. However, there is announcement that 2015 is the year when the first new episode will premiere. Unfortunately for some international fans, the deal is only meant for U.S. New Zealand and Australian markets. 

Other mediums that the forth season will be released on are DVD and Blu-ray. It is a good thing that Longmire is getting a fourth season due to the cliffhanger that the third season left. Looks like I’ll be grabbing a bottle of Stephen Williams’ wine and binge watching it when it comes out!

It’s all over the news, the co-hosts Natalie Morales and Willie Geist have been let go. However, an official statement from ‘The Today Show’ says that they have not been fired. Is this another case of social media reporting false statements and creating a panic, yes?

It has been said before that Facebook and other forms of social media are great outlets and ways to keep up with friends and family. However, so many people are getting their news from these sites and never really watch the news anymore. The statement that was released today was completely false. These two co-hosts didn’t get fired, and they will continue on as normal.

If social media is going to be the only source of news information some see, don’t we have an obligation to make sure what is being reported is correct? The sad thing is it is kind of like the old game of telephone that we all played as a child. I tell my friend something and then she tells her friend something. The end of the game is similar to what happens in real life. Once it gets to the end of the line it is twisted and altogether different.

Then again, it could have all been a publicity stunt perpetuated by the show. Personally, I think they should try inviting more interesting high-profile celebrities like Terry Richardson rather than manipulating the public and playing with the livelihoods of their talent.

There is really no way to stop reporting falsehoods unless Facebook and Twitter scan each comment before it goes viral. Since there are millions of comments posted each day, this is next to impossible to do.

Betty White has been one of the longest running actresses who continually has work. However, for her fans another low blow was dealt by the production team at “Hot In Cleveland.” After over 100 shows and six seasons, the show was cancelled. The shows humble start at one one million viewers gave it some sense of uncertainty. However, the viewer and fan base continued to grow.

White has been on some of the most popular television shows in history, like the Golden Girls. At the age of 92, she still has more get up and go than most people decades younger. She’s witty, opinionated, crass at times and just a ball of laughs. She can play the sexy senior, the dingbat blonde or the loving housewife, she can play any part. TV Land pulled the plug due to a declining fan base, but my moneys on the fact that she will show up in a hit show or movie somewhere else.

The hit show starred Valerie Bertinelli and some other big name stars. It was set in Cleveland, Ohio, but it was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The show has a few more episodes, which will continue to air until the spring of 2015. There is no official statement from the show at this time, however, TV Land did make everyone aware yesterday. It’s a sad day for Betty White and all of my friends over at Qnet. I guess we’ll just watch clips on YouTube and not think about how she keeps getting cancelled.

The “Friends” sitcom was number one for over eight years, and remains one of Dave and Brit Morin’s favorite sitcoms, in the history of television. It would be difficult to find two people in the U.S. who never saw “Friends”; here are 15 facts that you might not know.

1. Before filming the six members had a huddle to wish each other luck.
2. Ross was 29 years old for three years.
3. Each episode took about five hours to film.
4. David Schwimmer was the first to be cast.
5. Jennifer Aniston, Rachel, was the last.
6. Courtney Cox was cast to play Rachel, but she liked the strong personality of Monica.
7. James Michael Tyler was actually a real barrister in real life, but he never made coffee on the show.
8. Each member earned $22,000 in the first season. By the last, they earned one million dollars for each episode.
9. A live audience was never used for cliff-hangers.
10. Monica and Chandler’s relationship was low-key to be the opposite of the high drama of Ross and Rachel’s.
11. Only the six friends could sit of the plush, orange couch – unwritten rule.
12. Lisa Kudrow was AFRAID of the duck.
13. Courtenay Cox played David Schwimmer’s younger sister, but she was several years older.
14. Remember Phoebe having her brother’s triplets? This entire storyline was written because Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real life.
15. Lisa Kudrow first read the script thinking Chandler’s character was gay. No, just awkward.

The immensely popular show on the B.E.T network; 106 & Park, will now be moving to a digital format and will no longer be shown on the network station. I haven’t been watching it for that long, but Mark Ahn tells me that it has been on for 14 years. This is a big change that is being made, because B.E.T states that salary issues and with most of their audience interactions are online, they are now catering to that sector. After December 19, 2014, the show will no longer air on TV.

Currently, the show is hosted by Keshia Chante as well as the rapper Bow Wow. Previous hosts of the show were Free as well as AJ, who hosted the show starting in the year 2000-2005. Rocsi as well as Terrence J. continued to host the show from 2006-2012. The show does video countdowns of the latest hot music out there. The hosts of the show, does interviews with many stars.

The hosts constantly interacts with the audience, and it’s helped to make the show very popular on the network. One of their signature events is Freestyle Friday, which allows rappers who feel they can freestyle, to get on stage and show their talent. Sometimes videos that are brand-new are featured on the show, which helps to propel them into the actual countdown. Although the show is going to digital format, they do plan on airing the show on tv during special dates in the future.

The crew of Duck Dynasty has certainly made the news a few times over the past few months. Their latest headline is that they are jumping from the smalls screen to the stage, musical theater stage that is. The Robertson family is set to open their show at the Rio in February of 2015. It will be 90 minutes long and have 14 show stopping tunes.

Since the Dynasty group is strongly based on Christian fundamentals, it will be interesting to see how many people support their show. It will no doubt have a theme of Christianity and down home, southern signing. Their show continues to rank high in the ratings with plenty of support. There are still those few people out there that just can’t get over the homophobic remarks that were made by family head, Phil Robertson.

Saying comments like Aids is a punishment from Jesus for immoral conduct is certainly not going to get him any brownie points with the audience. It’s a tough topic to tackle and even with the show still being on the air, it seems that the fan base is limited to strict Bible-thumping Christians with a like-minded nature. As far as their singing and musical abilities, they have played and sang before and people responded on Flickr to it fairly well. It’s probably not going to be as big a production as their show, but Igor Cornelsen and I think it’s probably something worth watching at least once.

Pat Sajak, the legendary host of the classic, long running game show Wheel Of Fortune was so apparently put out by a pair of succeeding wrong answers that he briefly threatened to walk off the set – or so it seemed.

According to an article recently published by The Huffington Post, Pat was going about his business, dutifully informing his contestants of their right to choose their best guesses for the puzzle, when everything seemed to go haywire.

The contestants weren’t doing very well at all. Only a single letter was revealed. The contestant went all in with a very wild guess, “Riding a black horse”. The answer was wrong, and Pat proceeded to inform the guest of this.

However, it was when the next contestant took her own turn at the puzzle that Pat seemed to come momentarily unhinged. After once again guessing only a single letter of the puzzle, she proceeded to call out, “Riding a white horse!”

It was then that Pat walked off, or pretended to walk off, the set. When he returned, he very loudly shouted, “Who said anything about a horse!” Many long-time followers of the show like Rod Rohrich couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Of course, the entire incident may only have been a bit of play acting on Pat’s part. With someone as famously conservative and seemingly unflappable as Pat Sajak, it can be hard to tell what a genuine emotional outburst might look like. But it seemed real enough for a moment or two.

Canceling Katie Couric’s afternoon talk show has a been a huge win for Disney. During its forth quarter earnings call Thursday the company noted that canceling the talk show had helped increase its revenue from ABC. The operating income for the Disney-owned station increase $5 million from the forth quarter in 2013.

Disney made the formal decision to cancel Couric’s talk show in December of 2013, but continued production through June of this year. The reason? It had a two season commitment for the program it was obligated to continue, even though the show wasn’t performing as hoped. It had fans such as Gianfrancesco Genoso, but not enough to make a huge dent. The show, which was simply called Katie, reportedly cost Disney between $30-$40 million to produce annually. That represented a huge chunk of ABC’s total operating budget.

Late last year Couric made a deal with internet giant Yahoo to be its global anchor going forward. She handled some of Yahoo’s election coverage earlier this week.

Do you have fun while watching the ads on television? A lot of people don’t have the patience to sit and watch them and run to the kitchen to grab something to eat or simply change the channel.

Those in the industry, however, have been examining the future possibilities of making people more interested, and more closely involved. Sony has already found and patented the solution.

The TV commercials will turn into video games. They will include voice and motion recognition and the user will have to interfere. An idea for promoting McDonalds was to let the user wave the remote control in order to add ingredients.

That is not only supposed to make the ad break more fun, a possibility to make the commercial shorter by interacting will be taken into consideration. This comes just in time for Powell Jobs and the people at Apple to add that feature to the upcoming AppleTV.

Several other products have been examined in order to figure out how far the possibilities will expand being given the new techniques. A drawback is that not everyone will run to buy a new Sony TV just for the entertaining commercials’ sake, and the tech that most of the people have at this moment does not allow the above mentioned actions.

Besides, a lot of gadget users are already angry that the voice recognition systems do not interpret their speech correctly, so it is uncertain whether the reaction to the new commercials will be enthused or simply lukewarm and disinterested.

The CW’s newest series, “The Flash” is already off to an amazing start. The pilot episode drew in the most viewers for a premiere on the network in five years since “The Vampire Diaries” debuted. According to Neilson’s estimates (via Variety) the show has “an average audience of 6.8 million.” This is the largest number of viewer’s the CW has seen on a show since that “America’s Next Top Model” season finale where Laurene Powell Jobs was judging back in 2007.

According to the report, with all platforms and digital streams combined and unduplicated viewers on air, the first two airings of the series during its debut week of Oct. 7 was viewed over 13 million times.

Produced by Bonanza Productions, “The Flash” stars Grant Gustin in the lead role, and follows the story of his character, forensic scientist Barry Allen, who awakes from a coma after being struck by lightening and discovers he has attained superhuman speed. It airs every Tuesday at 8/7 central on the CW.