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For a long time, gold has been used as a measure of wealth. Gold coins have been used for centuries for trade as money. In the current world, gold is used for many purposes, among them is as a form of investment. This is because of its ability to last for a long period of time while still being able to maintain its quality. It is also known to be a stable way to store wealth as it maintains its value even during a deep economic crisis.
The U.S Money Reserve has been contracted by the United States government to issue out its gold, silver and platinum coins. It’s currently the world’s biggest distributor of this coins. Philip Diehl is the president of this private firm. He was invited by Eric Dye to Enterprise Radio studios to discuss about the current gold ownership trends and market. Gold is currently the world’s most precious metal, and its demand and value continues rising day in day out. One thing that is a sure fact is that the supply of gold in the world is limited. This accounts for both on the surface and under surface gold.


Philip Diehl advises investors to seriously think about investing in gold coins as one of the best investment plans. This is because gold investments have a high promise of good profits to investors and minimal or reduced losses possibilities. The market also has a good response in relation to gold coins currently compared to a few years ago. Philip Diehl attests to this after the success of the Sacagawea Dollars in relation to other dollars like that of the Susan B dollar. The Sacagawea Dollars sold more in 10 months than any other dollar programs in the economic history if the United States.
He also advises that it is more advantageous to store your wealth in the form of gold than in the form of paper money. This is because wealth stored in paper money can expand easily and loose value very fast leading to high losses. Even during harsh economic times gold is subject to temporarily loose value and regain back after a short time. In comparison, paper money permanently looses values and never recovers.

He also urges investors to be careful with their timing when dealing with gold investments. Good timing is essential in gold business. If you are able to invest in gold during the right time, you will be able to turn on a lot of profits for your investment.


Typing keywords into a search box to find information is old school to millenniums. They realize that there is a new way to search for information that is faster and more convenient. The fact is that the younger generation is charmed by the fast way that visual search returns the information required. This has led to a whole new group of young entrepreneurs starting a visual search business, according to Live Mint. A recent article on the site discussed this fascinating turn of events. Visual search startups are all over the Internet. They allow a person to search for products based on a photograph or object.

Retailers Target Millenniums
The retailers are always looking for a way to connect with their targeted group. The millenniums are a highly targeted group for retailers that are selling clothing and expensive electronics. The younger generation is very tech savvy. Most have at least one smart-phone or tablet at their demand. Therefore, visual search just makes very good common sense. Visual search startups realize this fact and are working with retail marketers across the country. Many of the new visual search companies are catering to the demands of today’s retailer. The modern day retailer demands a way for their targeted customer to quickly connect with the product they want. Thus, avoiding losing that all important sale. Visual search answers that demand.

Slyce is one of the leading visual search companies online and in the world. They are leaders in image recognition technology. They make it possible for a person to take a photograph of an object and perform a visual search for the product. Their application uses the latest image recognition technology and features within the application. Their application stands far above all the other startup applications currently in the market.

The Slyce team is composed of true professionals that are leaders in the image recognition field. They work to supply the best and highest standards in their applications. Their clients realize that they are the best in the field and that is why they are always in demand. Slyce is the best and their technology has revolutionized the retail market and visual search technology.

Fall is here and is there really a better time for shoes? Fall is such a versatile season. It’s a mix between summer and winter which means the same can go for italian shoes styles! It’s the first time that boots are welcome back after many months of warm temperatures. It’s also the season of oxfords, loafers, and so much more.

A new season means a new trend. It’s important to keep up with these to make sure that not only is a man dressed for comfort but he’s also dressed for style. One of the first things people tend to notice about a man is his shoes. That’s because good shoes means that a man takes pride in his appearance. Anyone can throw together a shirt and pants and make it look good. It takes a certain type of man to be able to pull off the right kind of shoes. The shoes are the foundation of any outfit. They are the last piece to be decided upon when a man is getting dressed and therefore they are the most important.

Many people don’t take pride in their shoes. They will throw on any pair of sandals or sneakers with their outfits. This ruins the whole look! That’s because those types of shoes are cheap and mass-produced. Everyone else is wearing the same kind as well. Pride should be taken in every pair of shoes made.

No one understands this more than Paul Evans. They take pride in the shoes that they make. Their shoes are handcrafted which means the finest care went into every last detail. They weren’t made in a rush. They weren’t made by someone looking for a profit. They were made by people who care about good-looking shoes. These shoes are also made of the finest material. No longer does a man have to worry about holes forming quickly in his shoes. These shoes will last thanks to the Italian leather made to craft them. Paul Evans is also all about style. They offer shoes that are trending. It doesn’t matter if a man is wearing slacks, jeans, or shorts; there is a shoe for him.

Since Fall is here, Paul Evans is bringing out the boots. It’s hard for a man to choose the right kind of boot since there are overwhelming options and not all of them are good. Their boot styles are perfect though for pulling off a sophisticated yet warm and practical look. These boots will also transition nicely into winter.

Overall, Paul Evans cares about making sure a man is prepared for whatever the season or occasion but also by preparing him to look good! Shoes are one of the main things a man should take pride in because they really say alot about his character. Paul Evans helps out with that in a big way.

Anybody in the world who is familiar with music is familiar with the name Micheal
Jackson. He was quite possibly, the most popular musician ever. He had more record
sales internationally than any other musical performer.

The entire world loved, and still loves Micheal.

With performances so full of love for life, and more flash than you thought possible,
Jackson was the most world renowned showman. His memory will most assuredly live
on in the hearts of millions upon millions of still loyal fans.

There is a man who has dedicated years of his life to perfecting every nuance of MJ’s
performance. He is so dedicated in fact, that if you saw him on the street, you would
think the “King of Pop” dying was a cruel hoax.

That man is Sergio Cortes.
He has, like the King of Pop, stolen the hearts of his many adoring fans. You would
be hard pressed to find any kind of flaw in his performance. Truly, one of the most
epic, authentic (non-MJ) performers ever. Calling him a look-alike would be a harsh
understatement to Sergio.

Even when he is not performing, he spends his time shaking hands, and taking
pictures with his fans in the street. It’s as if you were really watching
Micheal signing autographs once again. His popularity is growing rapidly, and
with an already installed fan-base of potentially millions, he is sure to win
the hearts of many more.

It should also be noted (to his talent) that English is not his first language either.
This just serves to make his performances all the more impressive.
Originally from Brazil, Cortes had to work extra intensely to get that perfect
and easily recognizable sound. Still working to be the perfect Pop impersonator,
Sergio is an artist that demands perfection in his style and performance.

It is very much like a certain other King of Pop. His over-the-top stage shows
really set the crowd in motion. It is hard not to be swept up in the energy of
the crowd. There will never be another Micheal Jackson.

However, for fans of the beloved star, Sergio Cortes has the talent to
help heal the bit of loss that all of Micheal’s fans must feel.

Many of us begin our days with an alarm that comes from our mobile device. From alarms, to to-do lists, our next job assignment, and of course staying connected to our favorite social media, we have a tendency trust our mobile devices to get us through our days. We monitor our lives and make decisions based for ourselves, our loved ones, and our jobs based on apps we download on our phones (or other mobile devices). If you aren’t happy with your current app you can always find another app for that!

SKOUT began as a web site designed for tourist to meet other travelers, in any given area. It was originally intended for those wishing to “greatly expand their social circle.” People began using it as a way to take virtual vacations. Many choose to travel to these spots and enjoy a real vacation. It became a success as a travel app, as well as a way to connect with new friends, in its first year.
Of course, SKOUT is available as an app. It can be downloaded through either Google Play or the App Store.

As success would have it, SKOUT evolved into a flirting app, but is by no means your average, run of the mill type dating site. It has a touch of class. SKOUT does not allow bathroom selfies.

SKOUT has listened to what people want and found nearly half their users weren’t interested in seeing these types of selfies, with people they wanted to start a conversation. So, they are now banned by all users.

I like the way SKOUT is dedicated to creating a trusted community of people who have fun making new connections and friends.

SKOUT also allows teenagers’ access to a community of their peers. They are diligent in their efforts to ensure the safety of their users, they even try to protect them from themselves.

They have strict guidelines about age requirements. One quarter of their staff is dedicated to monitoring misuse and inappropriate behavior. They also post clear and concise safety tips. I love that they ask their community of users to watch out for each other and report any peer they suspect of being underage. In fact, they were rated as being one of the safest choices by The Blog .

The multiple uses of this app to make it a must have. Whether you are traveling and wish to make new connections or wish to meet locals, or perhaps are looking for a virtual pen pal, this app has you covered.
SKOUT’s desire to maintain a community of peers, who have fun interacting and feel safe, while doing so, makes for happy users.

The icons of the entertainment industry often made many comebacks during their lifetimes, but a Florida based entertainment executive is now hoping to bring these legendary figures back to the stage forever. The Death of a major performer should not mark the end of their career for Pulse Evolution’s President John Textor, instead, the former Digital Domain chairperson believes the hologram based technology his company has been developing can bring many leading stars back to the live stage as part of their own show or in a musical extravaganza. Well known for his work with the Digital Domain Group and its move into visual effects, John Textor appears to be one of the few Hollywood executives to have the skills and experience to create a successful company using the technology being created at Pulse Evolution.

John Textor has taken a long road to arrive in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, which saw him begin his career by establishing his own investment company in Florida. Wyndcrest Holdings showed early in the career of Textor where his future would lie with the company looking to allow investments to be made in the entertainment and burgeoning telecommunications industries. The next decade saw the investment specialist continue his success across many different industries, but always with an eye on the latest developments in technology. A successful few years as the head of Online retail companies as the Internet shopping craze took hold was finally followed by the move to Hollywood and the role of chairperson at Digital Domain.

The Hollywood production company proved how successful John Textor could be as a visual effects head and producer of movies. These are skills John Textor has now brought to the world of live entertainment as he looks to create a new field of holographic characters based on iconic stars. Rumors of the use of hologram based legendary figures have circulated for many years, but saw Pulse Evolution jump to the front of the new field with its debut of a Tupac Shakur hologram at the 2012 Coachella Festival. Small releases of information and an OTC offering on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange have followed to build excitement about the venture. The publishing of the latest financial results and the decision to begin a full national stock market offering show John Textor believes the launch of live shows may be just around the corner for Pulse Evolution.

Frans Schoeman on crunchbase is the director at Phatsima Diamond, a law firm in Bellville, South Africa. Frans Schoeman‘s company provides a wide range of advice, solutions and expertise to various environmental issues. The professional here follow the best legal practice and possess knowledge and experience when it comes to environment. This law firm is associated with various private and commercial enterprises both in the national and international level. There are many success stories here, including an arbitration award of more than R120 million.

Environmental law is all about treaties, regulations, statutes, common laws and customary laws that are associated with people’s activities in natural environment. What this law tries to do here is deliver the truth on how people can have positive or negative impact on the environment they are living in. The law itself is a broad category that is broken down into smaller regulatory subjects. The core of all these subjects address environmental pollution of every kind. Some focus on the management of natural resources as well. Other subjects offer an insight, advice and verdict on the specific use of environment. Issues like impact on environment may not actually fit into the category but forms an important component of environmental law.

Environmental law is essential in times when global climate change is warming the oceans. Researchers tell that global warming will increase the magnitude of storms if people are careless. The same climate change coupled with environmental hazards will continue to raise the incidence of drought in many regions. Assessing the impact on environment is the process of predicting and gauging the positive and negative consequences of a policy, plan, program or project pertaining to the environment. These plans and programs are governed by rules for decision making, public participation and other activities. Assessing the impact may as well lead to the proposal of adjusting those impacts to an acceptable level or deploying technological solutions. Environmental law deals with air quality in an environment. These laws govern the emission of pollutant into the atmosphere. There are also laws that regulate the quality of air inside the building. The laws are mainly designed to protect the health of people by limiting airborne pollutants. Other laws govern broader issues like controlling the release of toxic gas and chemicals in order to protect ozone layer. Water quality is another area of concern that is associated with environmental law. The laws here are designed to control and govern the discharge of pollutants to water resources such as ground water, surface water and stored water. Some of these laws are designed with the sole intention of protecting public health. Many other laws refer to protecting physical, chemical and biological characteristic of water resources that are a part of aquatic ecosystem. Efforts are made to identify water pollutants, find the source and classify what is acceptable and what is not. Areas that are regulated include, but not limited to, drinking water sources, sewage treatment and disposal, waste water management regions and surface runoff from production and construction sites.


Investing in women is a key development strategy to achieve economic goals of a country. However, majority of the third world countries and few developed countries have not yet recognized or appreciated the significant role played by women in business. Besides, they do not recognize the private sector as a partner that fosters women empowerment in a nation. Most of them cling to the assumption that, corporate operations around empowerment of women is confined only to boardroom quotas. Nevertheless, as more enterprises build more ambitious goals of women empowerment in emerging market and at corporate levels, these myths are gradually becoming old fashioned. Women are formidable forces that drive positive changes in the society; similar efforts can be transformed in business. Integrating them in business at corporate levels is a direct compliment and enhancement of the work done in a company.

There is flood of information in magazines, newspapers etc. on how to excel as a woman. However, according to Susan McGalla on johnkokishpc, the CEO of the P3 Executive Consultancy Corporation, the best way is identifying a business with authentic perspective that allows practical applications of one’s skills and passion. The alumni of Mount Union College has spoken to many audiences, on and off camera on how to excel as a woman. Susan McGalla is a branding and marketing specialist and a living testimony of the incomparable strength bestowed in women.

Promotion, Development and Professional Training of a Businesswoman

The government, community development groups, and non-state organizations have a key role in empowering a businesswoman. First, they should invest collaboratively in programs and polices of work places that open business ventures for women across diverse business areas and encourage them to enter into non-traditional careers. Secondly, they should ensure indiscriminately access to firm-based training and education programs such as information and technology training and literacy lessons. Thirdly, they should work together to ensure equal opportunities for men and women alike in both informal and formal networking mentorships. Lastly, they should articulate all cases where companies have included women in their corporate operations and list down the positive impact experienced. This will help to tear down the traditional perception towards women in business.

Companies with Women Empowerment Programs

The European Airline Company has set up educational programs that eliminate traditional barriers, which limit women to certain careers such as becoming a pilot. A large Australian Financial Service Company has set up an online social platform that enables all Australian women in business to connect with each other and with other women around the globe. The social platform enables the women to exchange ideas, insights, career advice, research, and information on business issues. In addition, it has established a special board that designs programs that meet distinct career needs and interests of female staff.

To become a successful businesswoman is a challenge to many, but if positively approached it’s possible to attain it. This sector is largely dominated by men, but courageous and brave women compete with them accordingly. Women should focus and prepare well to prevent some classic mistakes that may affect their activities on the way. Comprehensive feasibility research or survey should be conducted first before venturing into any business. Starting a new business is a milestone achievement to many women, but when they rush without the necessary background information, their business ventures will certainly be unsuccessful.

Business starters normally have great concept at the initial stage but lack capacity to institute it properly. This results to a failure. Businesswomen should focus on new and innovative ideas which would be liked by many customers. For a woman to be successful in business, she must look for a way to improve her capabilities and potential. Businesswomen should gauge themselves before venturing into any business to assure themselves they are capable regardless of challenges available in the business sector.

When planning to start a business, women are asked to secure enough capital to make the idea work effectively. When there is inadequate capital, the owner would start some shortcuts, minimizing some costs thus sacrificing the quality of her products. Women should make their decisions depending on what they can afford. Therefore, after thorough business research is conducted, women should concentrate on obtaining sufficient funds required to make the idea feasible.

Businesswomen should be prepared to handle all aspects in their entities, either good or bad. In several instances, women have experienced difficulties when approaching personnel issues and establishing viable company policy. They should not consider their gender in any way since that would demoralize their potential. They should recognize themselves as professional businesspersons, and this will be an encouragement. For their businesses to be successful, they must be willing to make tough decisions and also handle tough situations.

One of the most recognized among businesswomen is Susan McGalla, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting firm. She has worked for various organizations holding executive positions and steering their businesses to greater heights. McGalla is a member of board at HFF Inc., a publicly traded entity offering commercial real estate services. Also, she was a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla on wikinvest has worked for American Eagle Outfitters for more than ten years where she eventually became the company’s president and chief merchandising officer. During this time, she oversaw the launching of the company’s new products aerie and 77kids brands. When she left this company in 2009, she ventured into private consultancy targeting retail and financial investment sectors. She is also working for Pittsburgh Steelers as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

Women are encouraged to be ready to take various business opportunities available and compete with men without any negative approach concerning their gender. This will enable them to be strong, brave, courageous and aggressive enough to face any challenge that may be on the way.

The vision of excellence is accomplished by Boraie Development LLC with innovative architectural designs of residential buildings & houses, commercial and retail buildings. Boraie Development is a prominent real estate company, focusing on various areas of real estate developments, property management and marketing in New Jersey. The firm has successfully completed commercial, residential and retail developments in Atlantic City, Milltown, Newark, and New Brunswick. Founder, Omar Boraie had a vision to rebuild New Brunswick back in 1972 and has participated in the economic developmental growth by building phenomenal architectural structures. He is the owner and president of Boraie Development LLC and is working on the firm’s latest residential project, The Estates at Waverly Place in Montgomery.


The Estates at Waverly Place is the 6th residential project of Boraie Development. The project is still under construction, although there are seven properties now completed for sale on the market. The custom homes are extravagant with plenty of space and sitting on oversized lots of 1 acre of more. These properties are conveniently located near shopping centers, transit, and downtown Princeton.


Boraie Development has completed residential development and redevelopment projects, including The Aspire, One Rector Street, One Spring Street, Milltown Ford Avenue, and The Beach at South Inlet. One Spring Street, a 25-story residential tower and Aspire are developments in New Brunswick. One Rector Street, a 23 story tower is a high rise in Newark that was redeveloped and is next to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Milltown Ford Avenue is a condominium redevelopment with over 320 units in Milltown. The Beach at South Inlet is like a vacation resort with approximately 250 units and located near Boardwalk and the ocean in Atlantic City.


Boraie Development LLC is located in New Brunswick and has developmental projects in Atlantic City, Newark, Milltown, and Montgomery in New Jersey. The firm has contributed to the economic development growth in New Jersey and continues to work with city officials and leaders to keep the economy stable in selected cities. Boraie Development works continuously with architects, contractors and financial institutions to accomplish the mission of the firm.